What Are Electric Radiators

Electric Radiators work similarly to the conventional water-based radiators. However, while the latter relies on water to produce heat, electric radiators use electric power instead. 

When electricity passes through the radiator’s element, it releases heat. Therefore, it would be right to say radiators convert power to heat. Don’t you think?

Image credit: Salvatorecirasuolo / CC BY-SA 

How Do Electric Radiators Work?

Electric radiators combine radiation and convection to produce heat. Through radiation, heat travels directly from the source to the object in the form of electromagnetic waves. Meaning, they get heat exactly where you need it in your home. 

Convection makes the whole room warm by ensuring circulating air passes through the radiator. Warm air rises to push down cold air through the radiator. 

These two effects make electric radiators super effective and eco-friendly.

What Types of Radiators Are There?

Oil-Filled Radiators – Comfort Control

Love style and smart technology packed together? Then our comfort control electric radiator won’t offer anything less.

This invention borrows its mechanism from the traditional oil-filled radiator where you heat oil the oil inside for heat production. However, with technology improvements, it’s efficiency has evolved as well. For example, you can program it on a room-by-room basis.

Forget about noise once you buy this piece. You can have it installed in the nursery, and your baby sleeps like the angel they are. Moreover, imagine saving up to 50% of your heating bill. Sounds fantastic, don’t you agree? 

Go ahead now and replace that bulky traditional storage heat at a fraction of the cost.

The Magical Towel Rail

Who could have imagined a day would come where our bathrooms would be incomplete without an Electrical Towel Rail? Well, that day is here with us. This innovation makes the bathroom ambient to your liking by allowing you to manipulate the temperatures.

Our Classic Chrome Electrical Rail saves energy like all other models as well.

Slimline Electric Radiator

The Slimline radiator is super sleek and saves you space. Whether you require a replacement for that bulky radiator or save room, we got you covered. Furthermore, spending less is incredible. Your fuel bill splits into half. 

For convenience, pick what room you need warmth in individually. Better yet, select how much wattage to use for heat output. Sleek and functional.

The Benefits Of Electric Radiators


Talk of energy savers and electric radiators come to mind.

With the environment in need of care, it converts all energy used to heat. Furthermore, electric radiators are carbon neutral. Did we mention they are compatible with renewable energy? Well, they are.

Expect no dangerous emissions like carbon monoxide from this innovation because they burn no fuel during use. Making them safe and effective.

Saves You Money and Time

Firstly, electrical radiators need minimal installation costs which happen to be a simple process. More like a plug and play into your existing electrical circuit. To add juice into it, you can install them as single stand-alone units or part of an existing system under a tight budget.

Please note, to get the right size for installation, measure the length and width of each room in the house. Then Multiply the two numbers, and you get the total M2.

Your fuel bill feels the change too. Because you get to pick what time the radiator comes on, which room you need warmth in, and at what temperature—no more energy misuse.

Additionally, if you have PV solar panels, electrical radiators can be used with photovoltaic solar panel systems. Further reducing carbon emissions. Which the UK government has committed to reducing by 80% come the year 2050.

Dependable and Long-Lasting

You can rely on electric radiators to last 50% longer than other heating systems. Because unlike their counterparts, they need little or no maintenance at all. Yes, no replacing parts either. All this thanks to how electric radiators are compactly built.

You Remain, King With The Thermostat 

Remember you get to control how much heat-output you receive and better yet pick what room you need heated. Very cool, we know. Besides, everyone remains happy with all these options. All from an app in your phone via your WIFI

Another impressive element is you get to add a stylish electric radiator into your space. Best Electrical Radiators have fashion at heart.

In Conclusion

Looking at the many excellent benefits associated with electrical radiators you would agree it’s a superior alternative. We mean, environment friendly, leaves you some pocket change, safe from hazardous emissions and you get to sleep all night and some more in the morning.

You have no reason not to install one or overhaul the old clunky system currently driving you crazy. You have the thermostat in your hands. Best Electric Radiators have advanced options to suit your taste and functionality.