At one point or another, we’ve all found ourselves in the following situation: We wake up late in the morning with barely enough time to shower, cook, and eat breakfast, and styling our hair simply becomes an afterthought. 

If you want a quick way to look put-together in the mornings, you need to have a few hairstyles that are super easy to pull off in your arsenal. 

Here are some lazy-girl hairstyles that will get you out of the door in just a matter of minutes, so you can look great even on your busiest mornings.

The Sleek High Ponytail

Look forward to a great hair day with this simple yet glam style. First, flip your hair over and blow dry it in the same direction as your roots. For the perfect ponytail placement, draw an imaginary line between the corner of the eye and the crown of the head. Create the ponytail by pulling the hair tightly with one hand. Brush hair away from the face with the other. 

Secure hair with a hair tie and apply gel in the hairline to prevent flyaways. Apply serum on the ends of your hair for a shiny, smooth finish. 

To finish off the look, use a satin ribbon and tie it around the elastic. Want this hairstyle to be even quicker? Simply attach a ponytail extension to your hair and you’re ready to go! 

The Messy Low Bun

If you want an uncomplicated hairstyle, the messy bun is perfect for an effortlessly chic look. Since it’s messy, it requires less precision during the styling process. Spritz on texturizing spray all over the hair to add a little grit, then section your hair into three parts: the middle and two sides. Use elastics to secure the middle part into a ponytail, then wrap and twist all three sections of the hair into a bun. Let the strands from your bangs fall naturally. 

This low bun will make even the messiest bed-head look instantly polished. Keep in mind that this style can be a little trickier to achieve if you have thin hair, but it’s still possible. To create volume, tease the hair by backcombing it, or add in some hair extensions before creating your bun.

The Chic Top-Knot Bun

Add glamor to your date night look with this classic ballerina bun. This style looks good on just about everyone, and is very easy to do. Do this style when you have at least second-day hair instead of newly-washed hair to achieve the best results.

Spritz on texturizing spray all over the hair and then secure it in a high ponytail using an elastic. Grip the entire length of hair and wind it around the base of the ponytail. Pin the knot into place with some bobby pins, then spritz hairspray to lock in the style. 

The Voluminous Beach Waves 

This hairstyle is universally flattering, and is perfect for the summer. Put your curling iron to good use to pull it off. Simply section off your hair into two twists, then iron them to create loose, flowing waves. Shake out your hair for the perfect just-got-out-of-bed look.  

Don’t want to use heat styling tools? Save even more time by taking a shower at night, separating the hair into three different sections, then going to bed. Unravel the hair in the morning for instant wavy hair.

But what if you forgot to prep your waves before going to bed? You can still master the look in the morning, even if you don’t have time to use any heat tools. Create two ponytails at the nape of your neck after your morning shower, then twist them into knots. Unravel the knots once your hair is dry to reveal soft, beachy waves.

The Space Buns

Whether or not you’re a huge Star Wars fan, you might find yourself wanting to recreate Princess Leia’s famous ’do for a twist on the traditional bun. Try it out by brushing your hair free of tangles first. Then, split it into two equal sections to create ponytails. Make sure to have the same amount of hair on each side to create a balanced lookyou don’t want your buns to look lopsided!

If you have thin hair, run your comb through the pigtails to tease them, or attach hair extensions to achieve more volume. Twist both pigtails until you create a rope, then coil the rope until you have a bun. Secure with a hair tie.

The Half-Up Top Knot Bun 

Try another variation of the traditional bun by leaving the bottom half of your mane out. Prep your hair a day after wash day with dry shampoo to banish any grease. Separate the hair into two parts: one that goes into the ponytail and the other one that stays down. Backcomb the ponytail for instant texture. 

Then, twist the ponytail and coil it around the elastic to create a bun. Secure the top and bottom of the bun with bobby pins. Pull a few pieces of hair from the bun to loosen it up, then style the rest of the hair if needed. Finish with hairspray so the style stays put.

With these beginner-friendly hairstyles, you can easily transform limp locks into dazzling hair — even if you woke up on the wrong side of bed!