Even the most confident person has moments of self-doubt. If you’re going to a job interview or on a date (even if it’s with your husband), it never hurts to have a little confidence boost. If you struggle with self-confidence, it takes time, commitment, and practice to change your mindset. That said, there are quick and easy ways to give yourself an instant confidence boost.

Apply some perfume

It’s hard to believe that merely spritzing yourself with your favorite scent will boost your confidence, but studies have proven it. A large number of women feel more confident when they are wearing perfume than when they aren’t. When you meet a woman wearing a beautiful smelling perfume, they come off as self-assured, confident, and as someone who takes care of themselves. You can feel the same when you wear your favorite fragrance.

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Fix your posture

Take a minute to notice how you’re seated. What is your posture like? Keep an eye on it throughout the day, and you’re likely to notice that you do more slouching or tensing up and than sitting up straight. Walking with conviction and practicing good posture will instantly make you look and feel more confident. Stand or sit up straight, roll your shoulders back, keep your chin up and loosen up your neck and jaw.

Listen to pump-up music

There is a reason that athletes turn on specific songs or playlists just before a big game or event: to pump them up. Listen to songs that inspire you and make you feel good. One of the most iconic pump-up songs of all time is “Get Ready for This” by 2 Unlimited. You just hear the first couple of bars, and already you feel ready to go. Music with a heavy bass sound is the most effective at helping boost confidence and prepares you to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Choose your outfit wisely

There’s nothing like putting on an outfit that hugs you in all the right places. Choose an outfit based on your body type and accentuates your favorite features. Pick a style that shows off your personality and exudes confidence. When you think about powerful and confident women, what do you envisage them wearing? If they can pull it off, so can you. Don’t be afraid to rock a blazer with shoulder pads at your next business meeting or a slinky red dress on date night. You will feel instantly more confident when you’re wearing a statement outfit that fits you perfectly.

Carry a good luck charm

Although it may sound cliché, carrying a good luck charm can give you an instant confidence boost. Even if you’re not superstitious, there is still something about carrying your grandma’s lucky broach that will make you feel braver. Just knowing that it is there when you’re nervous or under-pressure will give you an extra sense of security.