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If you need to paint the interior or exterior of your Portland, Oregon, home, consider the following to ensure you choose the best contractor for the job:


If you don’t know where to start, ask your neighbors for referrals. Your search for house painters Portland will be much simpler when your neighbors’ experiences guide you and prepare you for what to expect.


After you have a few painters’ names to contact, call, or email them to discuss your project. Look for things like response time, communication style, willingness to answer questions and confidence.


Depending on whether you need to paint the interior or the exterior of your house, the painter you choose needs expertise for selecting the appropriate paint and equipment. For instance, unlike interior painters, exterior painters use extension ladders and spray machines. Don’t assume that all house painters can do any job.

Licensing and Insurance

Don’t even consider a contractor that is not properly licensed and insured. The risk of damage to your possessions or property is high with any work. If a contractor is adequately covered, you will not be liable for repairs or losses.


If you have a good feeling after your first contact with prospective painters, be prepared to have them do an in-person evaluation. A good painter will need to see the size, characteristics and location of the area you wish to paint to offer the best advice concerning materials, labor and cost.


When it comes to painting a house, most people are concerned with selecting colors. If you don’t know what to select, a house painter might offer suggestions based on experience with other clients. Choosing a finish can be even more daunting. After the initial assessment of your space, a painter can recommend the best type of paint finish to withstand the usage of the area you wish to paint


A reputable house painter will provide a detailed quote for the entire cost of the job after reviewing your space. This estimate should include a breakdown for the cost of materials, cost of labor, types of paint, specific areas to be painted, when the painting will occur and payment terms.


Whether you are painting the interior or exterior of your home, the project is a significant investment. Before choosing a contractor, make sure to get quotes from at least three different contractors. Ask about pricing flexibility if you feel that the cost is out of your budget. Just be sure to understand what you might sacrifice for more favorable pricing.


Painting the interior or exterior of your home can be disruptive and costly. You want to avoid doing it too often. Ensure that your painter provides a guarantee for materials and work quality so that if these do not hold up as expected, you will not need to pay to redo your project.

Every Portland homeowner needs to deal with painting the interior or exterior of a house at some point. With the proper due diligence, your project can be seamless.