Botox injections are safe. They have been around for a long time, and the procedure remains safe. However, like any other beauty enhancement procedure, you might experience issues if you don’t follow your doctor’s advice. These are the things you have to avoid to prevent possible complications after the injection.

Take the day off 

The good thing about getting a Botox injection is that you don’t need several days to recover. Within a few days, you can barely see the marks of the injection. You can also notice drastic changes in your appearance. Despite that, it’s still advisable for you to take the day off. Get plenty of rest at home, and don’t expose your face to the sun. Allow your face to rest and for the redness to subside. 

Avoid rigorous exercises

If you intend to improve your appearance, it’s not only your face that you want to change. You also start exercising to lose weight and stay in good shape. However, on the day when you get the injection, you shouldn’t exercise first. Wait until things get better before you go back to your regular exercise routine. Your face is still sensitive, and sweat might irritate the injected areas.

Don’t touch your face

Avoid touching your face no matter how itchy it is. You don’t want to complicate the results or even leave some scratch marks. It’s normal for you to feel the itch at first, but it will eventually go away. Take a rest or sleep at home as soon as the procedure is over. When you wake up, your face will no longer be as sensitive as it was right after the procedure.

Avoid using harsh chemicals and products

To continue looking good, you have to use quality facial care products. However, you should stop using all of them after the injections. Let your face recover first before you use these facial care products again. Some of them might contain harsh chemicals and could irritate your face. Ask your doctor to advise the right products to use when you decide to get an injection.

Call your doctor if there are issues 

If you notice redness or slight bumps on your face after the injection, it’s normal. There’s nothing to worry about. After several hours, these issues will go away. However, if the problem continues, it’s time to call your doctor. Provide a photo if possible so that your doctor can recommend you to visit the clinic for further check-up. There’s nothing to panic about at this point. Set an appointment with your doctor and relax while you wait. 

Many people already tried doing anti-wrinkle injections and felt satisfied with the results. You can look at if you want to know more. It’s natural for you to worry at first, but you will feel confident once it’s over. For your next injections, you will no longer worry. It’s like going to the doctor for a regular check-up. If you see positive results, you will have more reasons to get another round of injections.