Electricity has become an essential part of our daily life as it provides many uses. In this modern-day, people cannot think of a world without the help of electricity. Necessary items like food, cloth, and much other stuff are the product of electricity. Even the modern means of transportation have been developed by electric consumption.

Electricity is used for lighting houses, buildings, streets, and people always use it in every gadget and appliance at home. The use of this power is growing day by day and all of these delivers comfort to people. Running different appliances at home can sometimes consume a lot of energy and it can result in a high electricity bill.

Here’s a list of commonly used appliances that usually consume power the most and some tips on how to lower your energy consumption and bill.

Air Conditioner

In some countries, especially with tropical weather, the air conditioner is commonly used at home. Summertime can be intensely hot and humid. Mostly, people use air conditioning during the night time or when they’re going to sleep to feel more comfortable. Daily usage will consume more energy and higher electricity. This depends on the horsepower of your air conditioning unit. If you don’t want your bill to become a problem monthly, always program your air-con to a certain hour so it will not be running all day. Try to minimize your consumption, especially if it’s cooler or rainy season. An old type of appliances eats a lot of energy.

Old air conditioners consume a lot of electricity, causing efficiency loss and expensive electric costs. Dirty filters, duct leaks, failing parts, low refrigerant, lack of maintenance, an old system, and poor installation are all causes of high power bills. So, if you need help with your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to get professional assistance.

If you’re planning to buy, always buy the latest model.


The refrigerator helps the food’s shelf life. Bacteria are everywhere and it also grows in our food, that’s why this appliance was invented. It is one of the main energy-consuming appliances in every home since it’s running 24/7. In Norway, it has the highest electricity consumption compared to other home appliances. A Norwegian electricity provider has stated that to keep energy consumption more manageable, you should choose the right refrigerator size. Make sure you don’t overstuff your refrigerator to produce only the energy it needs. Modern types of the refrigerator are frost-free and it consumes less energy. Keep it ventilated to prevent being overworked.

Washing Machine

Having a washing machine at home is the most efficient household appliance today. It is very helpful, especially if you have the washer and dryer combo. With this type of appliance, it also consumes a lot of energy. This depends on how big or how heavy your load will be. To lessen the amount of electricity and water consumption, buy an energy-efficient washing machine. Make sure to always use a full load every time and use cold water instead of hot as it will consume less energy. It is also helpful if you pre-soak your clothes with stain so you don’t have to do multiple spins.


People love to watch and it is usually a favorite pastime. Nowadays people love to binge-watch their favorite TV series and use television all day long. Having no control over this can cause a huge electricity bill. Try to optimize your usage for certain hours. Some households do have multiple televisions and If you’re just watching the same program, do not use them all at the same time.

Home appliances are a necessity in this day and age. Reducing your energy consumption saves you money and it increases energy efficiency. Turning off your appliances when not in use is the most effective solution to reduce your electric bill.