Everyone knows the importance of their home’s HVAC system, whether they live in a warm climate, a cold climate, or one that fluctuates between the two based on the season. No matter the temperature and climate outside, the HVAC system keeps the home at a comfortable temperature at all times. It is also a system that people generally take for granted much like the plumbing or electrical systems, and while the HVAC system is generally low maintenance, there is one part of it that deserves some attention: the air filter.

This simple screen is vital to the HVAC system performing at its peak, which means that it is vital to the comfort of everyone in the home. The air filter is easy to maintain or replace depending on the type of filter used, but no matter what type of filter is used, it is important to have a filter, period. So if you realize that your air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, do not hesitate to do so if you want to keep your home comfortable. Replacement air filters can be obtained from brick and mortar stores or online retailers like Filter King.

They Improve the Air Quality of the Home

Air filters are crucial to maintaining the purity of the air in your home, that’s why they are called filters after all. That is because they filter out the pollutants and particulate matter in the air that can make the air quality uncomfortable. Those particulates and pollutants could have adverse effects on the respiratory health of the home’s inhabitants, particularly if they are immunocompromised in some way or if they have any respiratory conditions like asthma. But even healthy people without any airway problems can be negatively affected by poor air quality. Air filters can keep the air quality at a high level by filtering out the following pollutants:

  • Dirt and dust
  • Pollen
  • Mold spores
  • Fibers and lint particles
  • Pet dander and animal hair
  • Smoke

It should be noted that the level of filtration depends on the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) because the higher the MERV rating, the more particulates that get filtered out. However, even lower rated air filters will remove most particulate matter from the air, which is why air filters are important regardless of the MERV rating.

They Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

While the effect of the air filter on the air quality of the home is evident, it might not seem like it would have much of an effect on the energy efficiency of the home, but it does. That is because the cleanliness or fineness of the air filter has a big effect on how hard the HVAC system has to work. If the fan has to work harder to push air through the filter, then it uses more energy, which increases the electricity bill. 

The fan has to work harder to push air through the filter if the filter gets too dirty and clogged. That is one of the reasons why it is important to clean or replace the air filter when it gets too dirty. The fan also has to work harder to push air through the filter if the MERV rating of the filter is too high. That is because filters with high MERV ratings have smaller gaps so that they can catch more particulates, but those small gaps also restrict the airflow. That is why air filters with higher MERV ratings are meant for sterile environments like hospitals or laboratories rather than ordinary homes.

Keep Your Air Filter in Tip-Top Condition

An air filter can make life in your home a whole lot easier and a lot more comfortable, but only if it’s clean. So make sure that one of the first things you do is find out when your air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced and do so as soon as you can. The occupants of your home and your energy bill will both be thankful that you do.