Do you remember the last time you were stranded by the roadside, either because of an inflated tyre, or you ran out of fuel, etc. However the case may have been, we can guess right by saying it wasn’t a pleasant experience for you. 

How did you seek assistance? 

What would you do better if you knew ahead about how to stay safe in such a situation? 

We know how tiring the process can be and we’ve put together useful tips to help you prepare better, In case you find yourself in such a situation and waiting for the road side rescue from your insurance company.

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1. Navigate The Car

When your car breaks down, whether it’s at the middle of the highway or not, the next thing you want to do is to navigate it to the side of the road, while you wait for help. If you have someone in the car with you, ask them to join you in moving the car. That way, you’ll not be contributing to the traffic on the road, and of course the side of the road is a safe place for your car.

2. Keep Your Distance

This is so important for your safety, don’t stand in front of your car or even behind it while waiting for assistance. Better still, stay across the road or some distance away (After you must have locked the car).

3. Be Alert

While seeking help, you should be cautious of who you accept help from. Don’t leave your car or car keys with any stranger, just because he looks innocent. Looks can be deceiving. If your car breaks down in a safe place where you can be inside your car, then keep the doors locked while you wait for professional help.

4. Use an Emergency Kit

Whether you’re driving car in the UK or Ireland, as well as other parts of the world, your vehicle ought to come with emergency kits, but if it’s not there, then you must buy them in case of an emergency- like a car breakdown. An emergency kit can immediately notify other drivers that your vehicle is faulty, without you having to wave vigorously. Keep the emergency signs some distance away from your vehicle, in front and at the back, while you wait for help.

5. Remove Important Items

This is so important as many have lost important documents because of their negligence. In a situation where you’re not able to move your car to the roadside, take out the important documents and get out of the car till help comes.

Safety is one topic we can never exhaust and we constantly feel the need to educate, and inform as many as we can about safety measures because we believe that “Every Life Counts.” As a road user and car owner, there are key things you need to be aware of that’ll contribute to your safety while in transit e.g. road use tips, car insurance tips and lots more. 

Therefore, you must find these safety tips useful and apply to you and how you too can put them to use. The next time you get stuck on the road, it shouldn’t be such a tense moment anymore because now you know what to do.