Giving birth to a child is such an incredible journey for every mother. Their journey is not easy but there are people who can help them along the way to make their delivery safe and smooth as much as possible. One of the people who can help you in this crucial time is a midwife. Midwives are health professionals who can help a woman during their labor, delivery, and after birth. They do this even at birthing centers or at home but most of them practice in hospitals too. It is easy to feel deep gratitude and appreciation for them especially if they are able to do the delivery without any complications and problems. Their work benefits both mother and child so if you want to express your thanks but have no idea how then here are some ways to help you with that.

Giving a Thank You Card

A thank you card with a handwritten note is enough to make your midwife feel appreciated. Not a lot of people are still willing to do this so it is really a great effort to make a letter of how much you appreciate the efforts your midwife has put in the delivery of your baby. You can choose cards from the store and write the message inside or you can make a DIY with some cardstock and make your own design on the cover. You can do this before going home or you can send the card for when you are already at home so you have more time to do it. Do not forget to mention some details of the birth including the name of your baby. You can also attach pictures in there to clearly remind the midwife of who you are. If you have been working with the same midwife with your other pregnancies, it would make for a great story and souvenir for the midwife from a very thoughtful family.

Send Flowers

It’s a sweet gesture to send flowers to your midwife. You can attach your card in there and they can enjoy the flowers for a few days and still make a souvenir out of the dried ones. If you can get hold of some information regarding her favorite flower then it is better but it is okay if you can’t. What’s most important is that you choose something you feel like representing your appreciation for her. You can write a simple explanation of why you chose a particular set of flowers or you can even send a potted one to make it more lasting. As much as possible, go for fresh ones and avoid giving artificial ones. Alternatively, you can also send other plants including succulents they can put on their desks or green plants they can put around their office. Do not forget to mention who you are so they would be able to know whom the gesture is from. 

Surprise Her with a Gift

Choosing a gift to give your midwife can be challenging especially if you don’t personally know them well. There is also a tendency to look for something perfect that making a final choice is difficult especially if it is your first time working with one. The search for the right thank you gift for a midwife can end in picking out something that represents you as a family more than anything. As long as it is something genuine and from the heart, your midwife will surely find your meaning and message. You can choose to gift a book, a unique plush, or a survival kit for when they are on extensive duties. There are other more items you can give to your midwife with can additionally be personalized. 

Adding Them on Social Media

If it is not a privacy issue for you then you can definitely add your midwife on social media. This way, they can get updates of your baby and you can, in turn, get updates for special day and events in her life. You can send her a gift if it is her birthday or you can send a message to her to show your gratitude and appreciation. You can maintain friendship long after your initial relationship is over.

The best way to thank your midwife is to get the message across, no matter what means you choose. It is a way to let them know how important their work is to you. This will also encourage them and feel that their importance in the life of the families they have helped.