Americans send each other almost seven billion greeting cards every year. It’s a sweet and simple way to let a loved one know you’re thinking about them.

While going to the store to pick up a pre-made card is convenient, it’s not exactly personal. Plus, what if you’re celebrating a quirky holiday — like national rum day or world kissing day — and you can’t find what you’re looking for?

In that case, homemade greeting cards are the way to go. Nothing shows your loved one you care more than making a special card just for them.

Worried you don’t have the creativity it takes to make one? We’ve got eight tips to help you create the perfect handmade greeting card that’s sure to wow anyone you give it to!

  1. Add Origami

Origami is the Japanese art of folding square paper into various shapes. Adding origami to your homemade card gives it an eye-catching 3D effect.

The good news is that while some origami is very complex and difficult, you can find plenty of shapes that are easy to fold. Try making pinwheels, stars, or small fans made out of colorful paper to add an extra dimension to your card.

Origami can be as simple or as intricate as you need it to be. The variety of interesting origami paper also makes a great background for your card, too.

  1. Decoupage Art

Sometimes you know exactly what you want on your card but you can’t find it in stores. You can make it yourself from magazine and newspaper clippings or images that you print out at home.

First, make a rough sketch of what you want your card to look like. Next, go through magazines, newspapers, etc. to see what you can find.

Finally, cut out each of these images and glue them together on colorful card stock. Go easy on the glue so that there’s no bleeding, curling, or bubbling.

  1. Rubber Stamps

If the last time you used a rubber stamp was to put the date on an envelope at work, you need to visit a craft store today! There’s a huge variety of rubber stamps on the market, not to mention fun inks in a huge rainbow of colors.

Gather the stamps you want to use. Practice your design on a scrap piece of paper.

Figure out if the ink you want to use will look good on the paper you’ve selected. Carefully stamp your design, wait for it to dry, and admire the finished product.

You can even find stamps with quotes on them or build your own with individual letter stamps. Watch out — you might get addicted to collecting stamps once you start using them!

  1. Notable Quotes

Sometimes you want the words to do the heavy lifting for you. It’s not always easy coming up with the right thing to say, though.

Search online for quotes that express exactly what you want to say. There are famous lines for everything from growing older, loss, wedding celebrations, and more.

Looking for love quotes in all the wrong places? Click here for the best lines on love.

  1. Mounted Art

Another way to add a 3D effect is with foam mounting tabs. These small tabs have an adhesive backing on both sides to help your card pop.

These tabs are just another way to add a different dimension to your art. You can even combine this technique with some of the others we’ve talked about.

For example, glue a picture or use a rubber stamp on one type of paper. Cut it out and then mount it to the card with the foam tabs.

Fold origami butterflies. Use a stamp to create a bouquet of flowers and then mount the butterflies to the card.

  1. Change the Card

Want to be truly eye-catching? Re-think the card shape itself.

Rectangular cards are classic. To be memorable, create a card that is a different shape or opens in an unconventional way.

Start easy by making short square or even round cards. Have the message slide out from the side instead of folding open or closed.

Wet the edges of colorful card stock. Gently tear to produce interesting textured edges.

Make the card oversized so that your recipient can’t miss it. Let loose and think outside the box for a card that surprises and delights!

  1. Pop-Up Cards

Are you an advanced crafter? If you know your way around some scissors and paper, you can try your hand at this advanced technique.

Pop-up cards are definitely memorable, and the recipient will know you put a lot of thought and time into making one.

Some pop-up cards are pretty simple. You can make them as complex as you’d like, with pull tabs for moving parts.

Check out some online tutorials or your own favorite pop-up book scenes. You might be able to reverse engineer elements that you like for a one-of-a-kind card. 

  1. Creative Calligraphy

Another advanced technique involves calligraphy. Writing your heartfelt sentiments in scrolling, elegant script looks even better with colorful ink.

Great calligraphy takes time to master. If you know what you’re going for but are shaky about your skills, practice the design over and over again.

Make one small word or phrase stand out by enhancing it with calligraphy. Embed the writing within other artistic embellishments, or make it part of a creative scene.

Add different colored inks and play with the writing style until you get it right. After trying out intricate, detailed calligraphy, you just might find your new hobby!

Creating Beautiful Homemade Greeting Cards

Are you feeling inspired? No doubt you want to run right out to the craft store and start picking up supplies!

As you can see, creating homemade greeting cards that wow are easier than you think. All it takes is a little inspiration, creativity, and time.

These card ideas are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more. The only limits are your own ideas.

Making things by hand is fun and people love getting handcrafted items as gifts. If you want to keep creating, check out our other craft articles!