Preschool and daycare teachers must deal with children aged three to five days. This is no small matter; a teacher must guide these children in what is their earliest exposure to social skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Their ripe young minds must be taught to listen, follow directions, share, and compromise. These are responsibilities that any educator must go above and beyond their call of duty to perform, and it isn’t a task everyone can perform. 

Owners of childcare programs have expressed that it is challenging to manage the daycare staff efficiently. Each teacher has a distinctive way of doing things. However, each childcare owner would like to follow his philosophy. It is, therefore, a good decision to hire with wisdom and smartness and train the staff right.

Here are some skills every prospective daycare teacher must possess.

Supervisory Abilities

One of the major responsibilities any daycare teacher will have is an oversight. This involves supervising the activities of a group of young children and ensuring that they engage and interact with each other actively, but also safely and productively. Whether an individual or on a group-basis, teachers are expected to deal with every student proactively and maintain good relations with them. The clarity in instruction is a must, and so is correcting any lapses in judgment or poor behavior that the kids might display.

Preparing Lesson Plans

Child care teachers are not just caretakers; they must also keep their educational role in mind and develop lessons that will inculcate all necessary skills and values that preschool students must possess at that level. Be it communication, math, or empathy, creating bite-sized, well spaced-out lessons are the way to go for young children. Interactive lessons are good too, whether they are made to practice the alphabet, participate in coloring exercises, sound out words, or write their names on the board. When dealing with slightly older children, keeping them engaged is just as important and good teachers use props like globes, toys, and science experiment apparatus to strike their fancy. 

No student is a stranger to screens in this day and age, so some daycare educators have also taken to using computer programs, websites, and videos in their curricula aside from traditional storybooks and puzzles. Perhaps the most important trait is adaptability; general rules are only good until one gets to know their student pool. From there onwards, they must customize each lesson to tailor to the needs and play to the strengths of every student and get the most desirable outcomes.

Exceptional Communication Skills

It is the responsibility of a daycare teacher to deliver instructions to all their students in an easy-to-comprehend manner. As a daycare teacher, you need to talk to colleagues and parents. You have to talk about the progress made by the children. You have to discuss the challenges that may come in their way and acknowledge and appreciate their accomplishments. Communication is two-way traffic. As a teacher, you need to be patient and a good listener. You need to listen carefully to various recommendations made by colleagues or requests made by parents.


When you are dealing with little kids, you would require tremendous patience and dedication. Kids can prove to be a real challenge particularly as they get used to new environments or while they are separated from their comfort zones and parents. You need to handle their tantrums with calmness and reassurance.

Physical Stamina

You know that children are oozing with enthusiasm and energy. You need to match their pace and spirit. You have to be 100 percent fit and active and willing to actively participate in their games and other activities. You would need to stand for long hours so it calls for incredible stamina. You need to move around and even lift the little fellows whenever needed. 


It is not so easy to be a daycare teacher. However, if you possess the above skills, you could pursue your dreams of becoming a successful childcare teacher.