Everyone knows that windows are a great way of letting natural light into a home. But if your windows are dirty or suffering from water spots, you’re missing out on the maximum amount of sunlight that could be shining in.

Cleaning windows is a time-consuming job, and it’s often difficult to achieve a streak-free finish. Many people resort to using harsh cleaning solutions, like vinegar, Windex, or ammonia. As well as making it difficult to remove streaks, consistent use of these solutions will erode the glass of your windows. Cleaning windows on your own can also be dangerous since it’s common to use ladders to get to windows on the upper levels of the home. When you hire professional window cleaning services, you’ll get a streak-free shine on your windows without all the hassle and potential danger.

Why Is It Important to Clean My Windows?

Regularly cleaning your windows will help to…

  • Reduce winter energy cost by allowing more sunlight to enter your home
  • Reduce damage to the window glass and costs associated with replacements
  • Prevent the development of harmful water spots
  • Maintain the beauty and curb appeal of your property

Let’s be honest: windows are expensive to replace. To save costs on home maintenance and make sure your windows stay strong for years to come, it’s important to clean them at least a couple of times each year. Glass is a porous material, and the dirt that accumulates on windows usually contains harmful substances, such as salt, hard minerals, and acid. Over time, these substances erode the surface of your window glass and can result in premature replacements.

Why Should I Use a Professional Window Cleaning Service?

To clean your windows, it’s best to look into a professional window cleaning service, like Sudbury Window Cleaning. Hiring a pro will remove the hassle and danger that’s involved in cleaning your windows. They’ll come with the right equipment to get those hard-to-reach spots and use a cleaning process that keeps your windows safe and free of streaks.

In addition to harsh chemicals, homeowners may try to clean their windows with a pressure washer or telescopic wand. These methods do more harm than good to the glass in your windows and often fail to remove all of the dirt or prevent streaks. Professional window cleaners will take the time to scrub your windows with industrial-grade equipment, such as squeegees and chamois cloths. They’ll also use water purification technology and eco-friendly detergents to get give your windows a deep clean and spotless shine.

In addition to a proper scrubbing of your windows, some professional window cleaning services will polish your glass with a specially formulated wax. The glass in most newer windows tends to be softer and more prone to damage than older models. A professional window cleaning service can finish the job with an application of wax that creates a protective coating on your windows. This helps to prevent damage from harsh substances and accumulated grime. It also keeps your windows cleaner for a longer amount of time.

A professional window cleaning service also has the right equipment to deal with unsightly water spots. Water spots are caused by hard water, UV rays, and acidic rain. These spots are often a source of frustration as they cannot be removed with traditional window cleaning methods. You’ll need to use powerful stain removers or hydrofluoric acid to tackle water spots on your windows. On your own, handling these chemicals is dangerous and should be avoided. The technicians from a professional window cleaning service have the knowledge and experience to handle water spots, so seek them out if this is a problem you’re dealing with.

Your time is valuable and cleaning your windows is the last thing you want to be doing. Get in touch with a professional window cleaning service to get the job done right. Your windows will thank you for it!