Holidays with teenagers can be difficult. If you are planning to spend some quality time with them before they head off the college, or this is the final time that they have planned to come on vacation with you, you should know that going on a trip with teens is very different from traveling with young children. To ensure that your teen has a great vacation, here are some of the top things to do on your getaway that can engage young adults. 

  • Go on a TV Locations Tour 

If you are struggling to drag your teen away from the television to join in a walking tour of your destination, you should consider mixing this up for a TV locations tour. Not only will this trick your teen into sightseeing with you, but this can also help them to become engaged with your destination through the scenes of their favorite television shows. At Silverscreen Tours, they offer a wide selection of trips to the locations of some of the most popular television shows for teenagers, including a Game of Thrones tours in Croatia. 

  • Enjoy a Sporting Vacation

Sporting and active vacations are a popular choice for families with teens, as this allows everyone to get involved with activities that match their skill level. For instance, if you are also vacationing with younger children or are not advanced in sports yourself, sporting vacations often give you the chance to get lessons to help you to improve. Additionally, sporting trips will allow your teenager to try something new that they may not be able to on a getaway with friends, with sports such as surfing in the summer and skiing in the winter being fun for every member of the family.

  • Head to the Beach

However, there is one activity that never gets old: going to the beach. Going on some Sunshine Coast adventures and enjoying a day at the beach is the perfect thing to do for those with older teens. It allows each member of your family to enjoy the area in their own way and participate in the seaside activities that they want to, whether they want to play beach sports, sunbathe all day, rockpool, or get out into the ocean.

There is no better way to find the child in your teen again than a nostalgic beach trip.

  • Tick Off Their Bucket List

Every teen will have different interests, though, and to ensure that they are engaged with the vacation, you should ask them what they would like to do on vacation and involve them within the planning process. There are many benefits of traveling for teens, and many teens start to get the travel bug. This means that they will often have extensive bucket lists filled with activities that you could enjoy on your last vacation with them. From elephant watching to camping a National Park, there are endless possibilities when it comes to traveling with a teen that you were not able to enjoy with them when they were younger.

  • Give Them Time to Enjoy Independent Activities

By the age of 18, though, your teen will be starting to become independent, and this extends to your vacations. Rather than smothering them or forcing them to participate in family activities, you should give them the time to enjoy the activities that they would like to, as long as they are safe. For instance, your teen’s ideal vacation may involve making new friends, solo sightseeing, or even partying all night long.