Did you know that you can see a 100 percent return on investment when you install new doors in your home? In fact, upgrading your space’s doors is one of the most cost-effective changes you make. 

New doors freshen up your interior, add visual interest, and can improve your home’s comfort and function. Best of all, unlike many upgrades, getting new doors can be a quick and affordable project.

Keep reading now to discover how affordable interior door installation costs can be.  

How Much Does Interior Door Installation Cost?

Interior door installation costs can vary widely. It depends on factors including:

  • The size and style of the door
  • The number of doors being replaced
  • Your geographic area

Unsurprisingly, larger, heavier, or more complex doors typically cost more to install. Similarly, door installation tends to be more expensive in cities that have a high cost of living in general.

Replacing multiple doors at the same time, however, can save you big money. Most installers offer discounts on multiple-door projects so it makes sense to freshen up all your doors at once if you can.

General Pricing Ranges 

On average, the replacement cost of interior doors runs from $50 to more than $1,000.  

Experienced homeowners who can handle the install process themselves are more likely to get off cheaply. However, even confident homeowners are often wise to hire a professional for several reasons.

First, doors that aren’t hung correctly can be a long-term source of trouble. Getting your new doors installed correctly the first time is invaluable.

Second, many of the best door styles are unsuitable for self-installation and must be hung professionally. A little extra investment upfront can result in a huge payoff.  

To get a better idea of how interior door prices stack up, it is easiest to explore costs by type of door.  

Bedroom Doors

Most houses and apartments come with either hollow core or solid core doors. Hollow core doors are popular in new housing developments because they are light and inexpensive. Unfortunately, they offer very little soundproofing.

One of the simplest upgrades homeowners can make is installing solid core doors to improve soundproofing in their homes. Solid core doors often look essentially the same as hollow core doors, making for an easy swap stylistically.

DIYers can typically find both styles in pre-hung and slab options for a simple install. Getting a professional installer is often just as cost-effective,  however.  

So how much does a bedroom door cost? In most areas of the country, you can expect to pay between $100 and $300 per door for both the door itself and professional installation. 

Closet Doors

Closet doors are easily overlooked but they can be a great way to freshen up your space. Replacing outdated closet doors can give an entire room a facelift and, unlike bedroom doors, you don’t have to worry about soundproofing and other secondary factors.   

As with bedroom doors, the cost of closet doors is typically between $100 and $300 per door or set of doors for both materials and installation. Heavy sliding closet doors, such as those covered in mirrored panels, may cost more. 

Bathroom Doors

Bathroom doors tend to be slightly more substantial than bedroom or closet doors and cost slightly more to install. Average bathroom door purchase and installation costs run from $200 to $500 each. 

Heavy hardwood bathroom doors can add extra class and pop to your home’s visual design, but they will cost a little extra to install. 

Unique and Upscale Doors

The cost to hang a door can go up dramatically when you choose specialty doors. However, this cost is almost entirely offset by the value these doors add to your home. 

Specialty doors may add unique visual appeal or increase the functionality of your space. This can make them a worthwhile investment despite the increased installation costs. 

French Doors

French doors are large double doors made of glass. Like standard doors, they open in or out rather than sliding. While many homeowners think of French doors as exterior doors, they can be ideal for creating airy, high-impact interior spaces. 

Due to their size and complexity, French doors typically cost between $1,000 and $4,500 to install.  

Swinging Doors

Often called saloon doors or café doors, swinging doors come in a range of sizes and styles. They may be very short and hung in the center of a doorway, or be quite long and take up almost the entire space. The exact pricing for this style of door will vary widely depending on the specific style that you choose. 

In general, however, the smaller and simpler styles will cost about the same amount to hang as a standard bedroom door. Large or more complex styles will have costs on par with heavier or more complex closet door installation. 

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors can create incredible functionality in a home. These disappearing doors allow open-plan flexibility with the ability to close off individual spaces as needed.

Unfortunately, estimating their cost is challenging is because there are so many variables. These potentially include the need to construct a wall or to reroute utilities or relocate supports. As such, homeowners can expect costs between $1,000 and $4,500 as they would with French doors.  

Barn Doors 

Barn doors offer benefits similar to those of pocket doors, but with fewer installation complications. As such, homeowners can expect slightly lower costs in the $400 to $1,500 range. 

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are a truly unique option. They create a singular sense of place and style, but are very large and require skilled and experienced installers. Each installation will be unique and, as a result, so will the pricing structure. 

Generally, however, homeowners can assume that these doors will cost from $1,000 to more than $4,000.

Interior Door Installation

Choosing the right new doors can be one of the easiest and highest-impact home projects you’ll ever do. And choosing correctly can keep your interior door installation costs down.

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