Social media is imbibed in our day to day lives. Instagram is the most popular among the youth today, and more and more brands are making extensive use of this platform to engage and interact with their customers. Brands have set the best examples of the new marketing strategies viz. indirectly directing the viewers towards their products. Such amazing videos and images can be created for Instagram using an excellent Instagram video editor like InVideo, Apple Clips, Magisto, etc.

The top 19 brands who have made impressive use of Instagram are:

1) Kylie Cosmetics:

Kylie Cosmetics opted to interact with their customers and equip the audience about their products using AR filters on their Instagram story. This enabled the user to visualize how the product would enhance their looks. This appealed a lot to the youth.

2) Swiggy:

Instagram launched its ‘IG Music’ feature in India in 2019. Swiggy used the IG music artfully to create a quirky video to depict the entire process from deciding the dish to be ordered to the point of its actual delivery.

3) Sephora:

Sephora had a unique approach to engage its customers by giving them an in-store experience. The viewers could visualize in-store activities without visiting the brand store personally. The live experiences encourage the viewer to visit their outlets

4) Nykaa:

Nykaa often organizes live sessions with celebrities and beauty professionals wherein they share their beauty/makeup tips and also reply to queries of people. These are then saved as story highlights which can be viewed by the users later.

5) Royal Enfield:

This brand interacts with its followers through a Question-Answer session. It tries its best to attend to the queries and concerns expressed by its followers.

6) Amul:

Amul is known to promote its user-generated content as Instagram stories. When a user adds a new picture to his Insta-story and tags Amul to it. Amul the reshares such pictures on its Insta-story. Such stories are the best examples of word-of-mouth publicity.

7) Yash Raj Films:

It often projects snippets of their movie trailers in their Insta-stories with a swipe-up option. These then direct the viewer to an elaborate video on YouTube. Many brands like Myntra, Fossil etc, leverage this feature and direct the audience to their website.

8) Bath & Body Works:

Bath & Body Works had announced the launch of customized GIFs and stickers on their Instagram stories. These GIFs proved to be a quirky way to create recall. These proved to be very appealing to the followers.

9) Diamond Producers Association’s @realisadiamond_in:

This brand had an innovative way to connect with its audience by uploading quizzes on Instagram stories. These quizzes are not only a medium to interact with the audience but also are a way to educate the users about the brand and the product.

10) Puma India:

Puma India’s latest campaign ‘Propah Lady’ promotes its range of products exclusively for females. The brand extended this campaign on Instagram stories by conducting poll sessions.

11) L’Oreal Paris:

L’Oreal Paris came up with a 3- minute makeup challenge to engage its followers in this quarantine. Viewers were expected to upload videos along with branded hashtags such as #BUSYMOMMAKEUPCHALLENGE #MAKEUPCHALLENGE. This challenge received a huge response, which was later reshared by the brand.

12) Tiffany:

Tiffany uploaded a lot of educational content to impart knowledge to its audience about the various aspects of diamonds like cut, clarity, brilliance, etc.

13) Lipton India:

Lipton India chose to engage their followers and simultaneously promote the use of their products by uploading various recipes like Green Tea Mocktail, Matcha Turmeric smoothie, etc.

14) Bobbi Brown:

This makeup brand uploads DIY tutorials on how its viewers can create a distinct look, as shown in the story. Eg. How to create ‘sultry metallic eyes’ in 3 steps. Such makeup tutorials engage the viewers, thus informing them about how they can adorn the latest celebrity looks.

15) Fossil:

Fossil uses product stickers on Instagram stories to drive more sales. The brand tags a specific product in the story, just like how one can tag in a regular Instagram shopping post. Shoppable Instagram stories are the easiest way to drive conversions within the app itself.

16) Cartoon Network:

Cartoon Network has tried to have a connection with its followers by uploading loop videos in the form of trivial games on Instagram stories. This encourages followers to play those games and engages them.

17) Taj Hotels:

Taj Hotels have been using location tags to promote their exotic properties in beautiful places. This enables it to increase its visibility because as people search for locations, they can scroll through the stories too.

18) Daniel Wellington:

This brand used a countdown ticker to create curiosity and hype before the launch of its new edition of luxury watches.

19) Forest Essentials:

Positive reviews and feedback are valued a lot by the brands. Tapping into this, Forest Essentials reshares the reviews and feedback shared by celebrities and influencers via its Instagram stories.

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