Insomnia is one of the most common sleep conditions out there. The short explanation is that you struggle to fall asleep every night. You lie awake, staring at your ceiling, or your nights are full of interrupted sleep. It’s a significant problem as sleep is so good for your health. When you have insomnia, you usually walk around feeling tired and lethargic every day. It impacts your productivity levels as you’re so devoid of focus. Therefore, your professional life also suffers. 

Thankfully, you can fight back against insomnia, as long as you know the 10 common sleep disorder myths that can lead you astray. Some people have an easier time getting over this condition than others. Still, these tips should help you out:

Still, these tips should help you out: 

Improve your sleeping habits

Lots of people suffer from insomnia due to poor sleeping habits. This includes things like watching too much TV before bed, sleeping on a really bad mattress, and so on. By improving your sleeping habits, you will increase your ability to fall asleep. Avoid going on your phone for at least half an hour before bed – the same goes for watching TV. If you need something to keep you occupied and make you feel drowsy, read a book! Also, try to avoid using your bed for things other than sleep. If you work from home, work at a table instead of lying on your bed. Finally, set a bedtime and stick to it. This gets your body into the right sleep schedule and helps you fall asleep quicker each evening. 

Relax before bed

Too many people go to bed feeling stressed. Sometimes, there’s no helping this. If you have a stressful life, you will be stressed out all the time. As you wind down and lie in bed, all your thoughts come to the surface. So, you should try and de-stress before you go to sleep. Do some yoga, run a relaxing bath, etc. You can buy products that help with insomnia, like CBD oils. It is easy to buy CBD online nowadays, and you can start adding this to your nightly routine. You can also find a variety of supplements, such as this liquid nighttime multivitamin that promotes better sleep. The more relaxed and de-stressed you feel, the better it will be. This allows you to drift off to sleep.

Don’t eat or drink before bed

Lastly, some of you are suffering from insomnia due to your eating habits. First of all, if you drink caffeine before bed, you’re asking for trouble. This stuff stays in your system for hours. It’s recommended that you avoid drinking it a good few hours before bed – later afternoon is perhaps the last time to drink it. Switch to decaf coffee or tea if you are desperate for the taste. Next, stop eating close to your bedtime. Eating triggers your digestive system, which can keep you awake for longer. Always leave at least an hour or two between eating and going to sleep. 

In summary, use these three tips to lead the fight against insomnia. If you still don’t see improvements, it might be time to see a doctor as you could have an underlying medical condition. For the majority of you reading this, the three tips above are all you need.