We all live in stressful environments, surrounded by busy offices, responsibilities, and lots of work to do. At times it can be quite difficult to cope with everything around us. Being constantly overwhelmed and stressed out often causes panic attacks and some rather serious mental health problems. There are many ways to ease this state whether it has been sparked by too much work or a personal rollercoaster. Yet, nothing compares to going on a nice, retreating holiday with friends, family, a significant other, or alone. 

Beach Child

Holidaymakers have been around for centuries. Back in the day, only the rich could afford to cross the Atlantic with a boat or wander around the streets of Paris, Rome, and London. There were very few who had the privilege of exploring the wonders of our planet earth. For the vast majority of people, even thinking of doing something similar to a holiday was absurd. 

Thankfully, the times have changed for good. The travel industry has gone through an unprecedented transformation, adapting to the needs of all people. Flights have become extremely cheap with tickets, particularly across Europe, going up for sale as low as 10 Euros. Now, anyone can book the flight to their dream destination from home and hit the road. 

Hotels and entertainment venues have also changed with many more mi-range ones popping up all around the world. Even some of the most luxurious and expensive cities in the world, such as London, New York, and Paris now have more affordable accommodation or meal options. With that, those cities are welcoming visitors from all backgrounds, giving them a warm welcome. 

Travel can become a real nightmare 

Yes, almost all memories and thoughts about travel and holidays are linked to positiveness and hype. However, if the holiday is not well-planned, it can turn into the worst nightmare. Relocating yourself to another location for the short term is not an easy task. This particularly is of big concern when it comes to traveling families with young children or elderly. Everything should be in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those we love. 

Then we have the traditional part of the airport hassle with delayed flights and extremely small legroom. This aspect of travel can be awfully stressful for us, sometimes even ruining the rest of the holiday. To avoid wasting time, money, and energy on a boring holiday, it should be well-planned and executed. In this article, we will share some general, basic rules on how to plan a boredom-free holiday. 

Think twice before deciding on the destination 

A huge chunk of what makes travel so much fun is its diversity of options. The entire world, and soon even space, is there to be explored. From sunny, golden beaches to thriving megacities, there are thousands of tempting options. Yet, not everything is for everyone. As much as some people genuinely enjoy visiting all types of places, others simply can not bear different climates, environments, or lifestyles. Therefore, before booking those tickets, think carefully about what you want and need. 

Do you need a quiet place to simply relax for a few days amid the stressful daily life? Or would dazzling lights of a big city and hundreds of its bars, cafes, and posh restaurants do a better job for you? If you want a bit of both, you will love the stylish serviced apartments Byron Bay can offer, as the location is merely a few steps away from the famous beach while you still get to have much needed privacy, and if you need a dose of socialising, the town centre is not far away as well. Everyone has distinct tastes and needs and the travel destination should be tailored to them. 

Finding entertainment is the key 

Many people like getting out of their shells during the holidays. When you have just a few weeks a year to have a vacation and do something fun, use that opportunity wisely!  There is anything you can think of, from watching movies to shopping, to hiking and going on adventures.  It is good to come up with a balance of relaxation, such as hanging out on the beach, to more adventurous activity, such as hiking the rim of the Grand Canyon.

The ways of entertainment are endless and incredibly individual. Nevertheless, many think that some things universally apply to everyone, making all of us equally happy. That is not true and when planning a boredom-free holiday, one should be completely frank in deciding what makes them happy, putting a smile on their faces. 

Holidays are fun with people but solo travel is also a thing 

Escaping daily life is big anticipation for hundreds of millions of people. We expect those 2 weeks of holiday, planning our vacation the whole year while keeping all going as usual. Therefore, deciding on individuals who will be surrounding you during the holiday is of utmost importance. This, by far, is the most delicate and individual matter. However, we often forget about what we genuinely want and need, making decisions according to what we were told is right. 

Generally, for someone with a family, a solo-holiday could be much more entertaining, fun, and enjoyable. In fact, the number of solo travelers is soaring. Many people are convinced that having fun is impossible without having a company of people, especially family members or friends. The truth is that crowded trips with family and friends often turn out to be quite boring and stressful. Sometimes, we might prefer spending those valuable few weeks alone. 

This does not mean that for some, spending time with others is not entertaining. In fact, the contrary. The vast majority of people still find family holidays more enjoyable than solo ones. A company of acquaintances can make it more delightful with late-night board games and pool parties. 

Holidays are supposed to be fun and we should do everything to make them enjoyable 

Everyone deserves spending some time away from responsibilities and daily duties in a dreamy place full of joy and happiness. Yet, what this dreamy place and the cause of happiness is should be decided individually by each and every one of us. Evaluating our feelings and decisions is the only way to make our few special weeks a year absolutely a