If you are looking for an easy, kid-friendly hike in the Capital Region, Fox Preserve is a short, peaceful stroll through the woods.  We like to take our kids hiking, but for younger children, it is good to stick with short, easy strolls.  The loop trail at Fox Preserve is less than a mile and is on easy terrain.  The Mohawk Conservancy website describes this as “Just over one mile of trails through fields, forests, and along Shaker Creek”.

This preserve is easy to find, and we used Google Maps to get there.

There is a sign along the road and a nice size parking lot.

The parking lot is a decent size, so we were able to find a spot even on a nice day.

There is a trailhead, although there was no map posted.

You can download the whole map on the Mohawk Conservancy website here.

This trail is very easy, with mostly flat trails, rambling through the woods.

There are markers along the way, and it is a short trail, and it is easy to stay on the trail.

Ashford Glen Preserve Mohawk Conservancy Schenectady

There is a picnic table and also a bench at one point on the trail.

There are views of the Mohawk River from a higher point on the trail.  It is a nice to see the water, at least when there aren’t a lot of leaves on the trees.

Overall, a quick walk in the woods.  There were not a lot of things to see along the trail, although we did see a large deer.

We did see some spring flowers, like these wild violets.

Always be sure to check for ticks after hiking, and stay on the trails.


Visit the Mohawk Conservancy Fox Preserve website: