Every homeowner should consider investing in products that make their lives at home easier and more convenient. One of these investments has to be a decent diesel generator that can keep the power going no matter what. But sometimes it’s difficult to find the right one that is ideal for your home. If you’re shopping around for a new generator, but you’re having problems choosing the most efficient one, read on to learn more about how to choose the right generator to suit your needs.

The Level of Fuel Efficiency

If you consider the fuel efficiency levels of a generator unit, your choice will be quite easy. You need to find a unit with excellent fuel consumption per hour, one that doesn’t make you refill fuel constantly. If you are filling your tank up constantly, you’ll pay a lot of money over time. This can be avoided if you find a cost-effective generator that provides you excellent results with minimal costs. Shop around and find the most energy-efficient generator on the market. Even though diesel is an economical fuel source for your generator, it’s best to find one that doesn’t consume a lot of fuel per hour. This is a key factor to consider because you can calculate how much money you can save from a unit with minimal fuel consumption per hour. This means better results for a fraction of the cost.

Decent Portability Features

Another factor to consider is the unit’s portability. This is one of the most appealing features homeowners find to be worth the cost. If you live in Australia and you’re an outdoor fanatic, you’ll appreciate a portable diesel generator for camping, boating, or spending your weekends in your off-the-grid cabin in the mountains. If you want to talk about efficiency, a portable unit can be a great choice for you. The combustion engine is worth the cost and all you need to do is wire it into your home’s sub-panel. These units are a breeze to install and won’t be too hectic for you, especially if you tend to move around a lot. 

The Cooling System

It’s smart to check the cooling system for every generator you look at. You have plenty of choices available when it comes to a generator cooling system. Choosing one depends on your budget and needs. You have the basic residential cooling system which is designed for small areas and homes. But it might have some limitations at some point, depending on how big your home is. You can go for an air-cooled system, which is similar to the basic one, but with extra coverage and durability. So, your unit won’t overheat quickly. Also, you could try your luck with a water-cooled unit that has an extra built-in tank for the water to cool the system. It might be a little bit expensive, but it’s highly beneficial for people living in countries with very high temperatures. The choice depends on your situation and budget.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology is a very interesting feature to look for in a generator. It basically provides you with two amazing perks; the automatic speed adjustment mechanism for your engine when your output starts changing, and the noise-absorption technology that makes the unit silent. It’s a great way to help you choose generators because you get specific features that you may be looking for. When the engine speed is operating based on your output, it makes it less likely to wear down or overheat. Also, if you’re trying to sleep at night but still need the heater or AC on, a silent generator is great for you and your neighbors. This level of efficiency is perfect for any household. It won’t hurt to purchase a generator with these convenient features.

The Power Coverage 

You need to calculate the power coverage capabilities for the generator you’re buying. You have a lot of different generators and their power capabilities vary. Choosing the right one depends on your needs. Some units can cover 2.5 kVA while others can go up to 2000 kVA. Ask the vendor about these calculations before you buy your generator because you’re going to need one that can cover your property completely. Also, you don’t want to overpay for a unit that can cover more than what your home needs. Another factor to consider is your plan for the generator’s power coverage. Some homeowners want it to stay on constantly while others are just looking for temporary power. All of these factors can help you figure out which unit is perfect to buy.

The Voltage Regulation 

A generator’s voltage regulation is an important factor to look at when shopping for one of these backup units. Even though it’s great to find a cheap and affordable generator, sometimes it may not be the best choice for you in the long run. Most of the cheap units don’t have a voltage regulation system and that might cause some damage to your devices and electronics. Every device is prone to sensitivity when it comes to overvoltage or surges. So, you need to look for a generator that has a decent Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to ensure that none of your devices get damaged randomly. It would be terrible if you buy a generator that may cause this problem, especially since it’s the main problem you are trying to avoid with power outages.


Sometimes It’s better to put purchasing a generator on hold until you find the most suitable one, that provides you with the best results. It’s a great investment that can give you protection, safety, and an easier time at home. You won’t have to worry about power cuts and all the negative outcomes that come with it. This is the best way to ensure you and your family can use your electronic devices, not get spoiled food, and just continue with your quality of life at home. Remember to size your generator unit correctly to protect the generator and save yourself a considerable amount of money.