Do you ever feel like your mind is a runaway freight train? So many thoughts and worries without ever taking a break, is tiring mentally. However, it’s also very trying on your physical health because our heart rate goes up and more energy is used to maintain body temperature and every cell in your body due to the additional and constant stress. The issue is, only you can fix it. It’s okay to ask for help and speak with people who can help you but at the end of the day, it’s something you need to fix in your daily life. Pulling the reins on your mind to just slow down your thoughts, is the very first step to change.

Cognitive distancing

The majority of the time, the worries we have in our minds are pure fiction. That’s the sad thing about constant worrying, is that even though it seems serious to us, in reality, it’s not a big deal at all. One technique you can use is cognitive distancing. If you think something in your worrying thoughts is true, you should act on it. If you think that your bills are late, call up the utility or mortgage company to ask if you are late or can be given more time. If you think that you won’t have enough money to go on holiday, sit down and do the math to see if you can afford another option. It’s far better to see what the reality of the situation is than to listen to the conjuring thoughts and worries in your mind. Be proactive in finding out the truth.

Reading with a helper

Reading books is great for your mental health for so many reasons. Firstly, you are whisked away from your situation, and dropped into a land of fantasy. However, reading with some kind of helper in the way of relaxation, could make your reading experience far better. The violet delight strain is known for its very pleasant scent and it offers a neatly balanced yet relaxing effect. It’s a mixture of blueberry, shiskaberry and green strands that make the product look a healthy vibrant color. This should be used while you are reading to slow your mind down, absorb the book you’re reading so you’ll completely forget about your worries.

Go for a walk

In many places around the world, citizens are being allowed to go for a walk once or twice a day. Use this to your full advantage and in fact, you should make it a part of your routine. Set a time for when you will take your morning and or evening walk and stick to it. Change route after one week, so you get a change of scenery. Your mind will be stimulated by the surroundings and the feel of the weather. It gives you time to think and perhaps, not think at all.

It’s tough to slow down your mind when all you know is to race a mile a minute. Start off by putting pen to paper and write a motivational story that you want to follow.