When it comes to making sure that your child is using their mobile phone safely and responsibly, one of the best ways to do that is to take advantage of a Spy Phone App

These types of monitoring apps allow parents to make sure that their kids are not using their phones in any unsafe or inappropriate ways. With that being said, actually such a program on your child’s phone can be somewhat difficult. Beyond that, if you do so without them knowing and then get caught, it can certainly create a strain in your relationship with your son or daughter.

For that reason, we have broken down some of the best ways to approach your child about using monitoring software on their phone so that both you and them can be on the same page from the very start. 

When should we have the conversation?

The simple answer here is that you should raise the conversation of using monitoring software on your child’s phone when they are first given the device. Whenever a child is given something new, boundaries that you are comfortable are important to set. This gives you the chance to go over what they are and are not allowed to do on their phone. It also clarifies that the use of their new phone is a privilege that can be taken away if they break the rules, not a right that they deserve to use no matter what.

What should I tell them about the dangers of using a mobile phone?

Tell them as much as you can without scaring them! Talk to them about what can happen to young kids who use their phone irresponsibly and why having a parent who can access their phone if they need to is a good idea. Make it clear that above all, you are on their side and simply want to make sure that they are staying safe.

Some of the specifics that you may want to consider discussing are the mounting issues related to cyberbullying, online predators, cybercrime, digital footprints, and problems that can arise through sexting.

Make it clear to your son or daughter that your duty as a parent is to make sure that your child is staying healthy and safe. This includes making sure that they are not doing anything that is potentially harmful to them or your family while using their phone.

Don’t feel like you have to be sneaky

It is important to remember that just because these programs are called spy software, does not mean that you have to act like a spy. Be upfront about the things that you will be keeping an eye on and let your child know what is and what is not out of bounds. This way, your oversight will likely keep them from breaking the rules in the first place, which will ensure that your child is being safe and responsible on their phone. 

Good luck!