Many years ago, I remember bringing my daughter to Ann Lee Pond to check out the aquatic life and go for a walk.  After checking out some geese and turtles, we made our way to the trails, only to find that the boardwalk over the water was in disrepair.  I recently saw that a new bridge had been constructed, so we decided to check it out.

Ann Lee Pond is very close to Albany International Airport, and is easy to find.

There is plenty of parking, right near the pond.

After checking out the pond by the parking lot, we headed to the trails.

We did not see a trail map anywhere, and we mostly wanted to get to the bridge over the pond, and we ended up backtracking to get there.  This is totally not the kind of place you could get lost, but it would be nice if there was a map to look at.

There are trail markers around the pond, but we just weren’t sure what trails went where.

After walking on the trail for a little while, we came to the bridge.  Remember how I said last time we were here, the bridge was collapsing into the water?  There it is, to the right of the new bridge.

We headed out over the bridge, and saw some Sun Fish and a very large snapping turtle.

I don’t think we walked more than a mile on the trails, and it was an easy walk through the woods.

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