The alarm clock buzzing, the traffic jam on the way to work, the neighbor that keeps you awake all night with loud music, or any number of other tiny things that add up over the day that just make you crazy! Sound familiar?

If so, it might be time for some much needed rest and relaxation! So pack up the sunscreen and pack up the kids! We are about to dive into best beaches in Florida! 

Top 10 Beaches in Florida

With over 8,000 miles of coastline it is safe to say Florida beaches top the charts.

There are so many more activities than just sunbathing! You can find fun for everyone. From strolling down the boardwalks in search of the best beachwear to taking your family on a beach-side bike ride.

So let’s take a look at the best of the best, and get you and your family relaxing in the sand.

1. Caldesi Island State Park Beach

The unspoiled beauty of Caledesi Island makes it a beach like no other. The Island was formerly known as Hog Island, but in 1921 a hurricane split the island in two. Now the Island and it’s other half Honeymoon Island host thousands of tourists each year.

The island itself is a protected state park, so you will not find any high rise buildings along the coast. Caladesi is pure Florida as nature intended. 

2. Miami Beach

Looking for a little more hustle and bustle in your visit to Florida beaches?

Miami Beach has got you covered. The streets are lined with iconic art deco buildings and the sands are studded with beach goers dressed in their summertime best. The movement is nonstop at this sun filled oasis.

Cuban culture is huge in Miami so don’t forget to grab a cafecito’ to keep you having fun in the sun all day long.

Don’t forget though, that Florida sun is HOT! Read more now on protecting your family from those UV rays!

3. Clearwater Beach

This classic Florida beach is a fun yet touristy location. The sandy beaches are home to thousands of beach goers daily. It is easy to find a fun activity on the famous Pier 60. From parasailing to pirate ship cruises, you will never have a dull moment at Clearwater Beach.

4. Siesta Key

This Florida beach has world renowned white quartz sand. The beach has activities like kayaking and snorkeling around in its pristine waters.

You are likely to see lots of marine life such as dolphins or even manatees! If you get hungry there is a quaint town walking distance for local treats. 

5. Garden Key, Dry Tortugas National Park

This gorgeous beach in the Florida Keys might be a little tricky to get to, but it is 100% worth the trouble. The key is only accessible via boat or small plane, but that has helped it to remain unspoiled and protects the vast marine life and seabirds that flock there. 

You can explore 19th century forts of dive into the crystal clear waters with scuba gear or just a snorkel and fins. If exploring isn’t on your agenda for this beach trip say no more. You will have no trouble just relaxing and catching some rays at this peaceful and quiet beach. 

6. Palm Beach

Here at the easternmost town in Florida, you can find plenty of beautiful trees and beautiful beaches.

The beach is home to many celebrities, so you might even catch a glimpse of your favorite star! From the million-dollar homes to to elegant hotels you will feel like royalty relaxing at this Florida beach.


This Gulf-side delight is located on the southern end of Florida. The activities are endless! Naples is home to world class fishing spots as well as delicious beach-side dining.

For something a little more low-key, check out Delnor Wiggins State Park located in North Naples. Here you will find pristine waters and even overnight camping for the whole family to enjoy.

8. Delray Beach

Delray Beach is 2 miles of family fun. From the boutiques on the boardwalk to the sand castle building on the beach, this Florida town has endless fun. 

Just off the beach the iconic Pineapple Grove hosts a ton of bistros, galleries and wine bars as well. 

9. Sanibel Island 

This beautiful island is home to rich Florida history. The island was originally settled by the Calusa Indians whose original shell mounds can still be seen today!

As you walk along the beach you will see over 230 species of birds and most likely a dolphin or two just off the coast. 

10. Atlantic Beach

Situated in Northeast Florida, this charming beach town is home to beachcombers from all over! Here you can find activities like beach bicycling and kayak rentals all while keeping the old Florida style alive and vibrant.

Sometimes the sun can drain you a little bit. If that happens take a little break from the sun, sand, and surf! Atlantic Beach is home to a variety of interesting history museums and tasty local seafood restaurants. 

Let’s Get Going!

It’s time to start making memories today! Whether it is just for weekend or you plan a lengthy summer vacation, these beaches in Florida will keep you and your family smiling. Florida beaches are much more than sand and sun. They are rich with history, diverse animal life, and exciting activities like snorkeling and parasailing. So don’t wait! Choose your beach and get the fun started today!

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