Straws make life easier. We can drink beverages on the go and keep them from spilling around the house.

But, they can also pose a risk to our environment when made with the wrong material. Choose paper straws for a safe alternative to keeping our convenience.

7 Benefits of Paper Straws

Paper straws vs plastic straws: which should you choose? Buying wholesale paper straws instead of their plastic counterparts can do our world a lot of good. 

Read on to learn 7 reasons you should pick paper over plastic!

  1. Plastic Straws Do Not Break Down Easily

In a landfill, plastic waste can take up to 1,000 years to decompose! To be fair, plastic straws will most likely decompose closer to 10-20 years, like grocery bags, but this is still a long time.

So, are paper straws biodegradable?

Yes!!! In contrast to plastic, paper waste will decompose in about 2-4 weeks, making them a much more sustainable option.

  1. You Can Compost Paper Straws

When looking at paper straws vs plastic, the latter takes way too long to break down to compost it. You would simply build a trash pile if you tried.

But, because it biodegrades so quickly, you can compost paper straws! Composting at home enriches the soil encourages the growth of helpful microbes and lowers your carbon footprint by throwing less garbage into landfills.

  1. Paper Is a Renewable Resource

The world naturally replenishes a renewable resource, while non-renewable resources eventually run out. Paper comes from trees, which we can, and should, continuously grow.

This means that the source will remain fairly constant. Economically, this means that the cost will not drive higher as time goes on, because of low supply.

  1. Plastic Straws Release Harmful Chemicals

When plastic straws do eventually break down over the years, they release chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA) into the environment. This chemical hurts humans, animals, and plants when it gets into soil and waterways. Paper straws, on the other hand, break down into something beneficial to the soil.

  1. Plastic Straws Pose Risk for Injury

Children regularly use straws. Simply by playing around, poking somebody else, or accidentally slipping, somebody can get injured with the hard edge of a plastic straw. 

Glass and steel straws pose an even greater risk to kids. Paper straws, however, give much easier and will not hurt anybody.

  1. Paper Is Safer for Wildlife

Since plastic straws take years to break down, they often make their way into the ocean. Here, they not only pollute the ecosystem, but they also create danger for wildlife.

Fish and marine animals often mistake straws for food. Due to the size and hollowed shape, straws often lodge into their throats and can cause suffocation.

Paper straws do not pose this threat. They tend to soften in water and then biodegrade quickly.

  1. Paper Straws Are Cost-Effective

When switching away from plastic straws, you will find several options. But, reusable and steel straws cost much more than paper, making these the most economically sound eco-friendly option.

Switch to Paper

We have grown accustomed to using plastic straws, so giving them up may seem inconvenient. Fortunately, transitioning to paper straws allows us an affordable, safe,  and sustainable way to keep the convenience.

We care about our world and want to help others take care of it with us. Read more environmentally friendly articles on our website!