I received this CD in exchange for my honest review.

We have been enjoying music from the Okee Dokee Brothers since their 2012 release of their Can You Canoe Mississippi River Adventure Album.  I have always enjoyed their albums along with the kids, and their music really is family friendly.  This Grammy award-winning duo has been creating wonderful music for years.

Okee Dokee Brothers

While previous Okee Dokee Brothers albums have had themes, from wintertime to canoe trips, this album is a little different.  The two-disc collection of 27 original songs has a variety of songs about everyday life.  The original release date was this summer, but Songs for Singin’ will be available May 1, 2020, so that families can enjoy these songs together at home.  What better time to come together and have quality time!

Songs for Singin’ comes with wonderful 32-page illustrated book, which includes all the lyrics and chords to songs.  As a musically inclined family, I am thrilled that this album encourages you to really participate in the music, whether you simply sing along, or are able to play along with your instrument.

In such a busy day and age, it is nice to have a break from our over-scheduled days and spend time together.  It is a nice throwback to slower times, when families would play music or sing together and connect through music.

These songs are so welcoming, peaceful, and positive.  I have heard children’s music before that is grating and annoying, but all of these songs make you feel good.  In stressful and uncertain times, this is the perfect album to enjoy.

Disc 1 (“Day”) has 15 tracks, and Disc 2 (“Night”) has 12 tracks.  This provides over an hour runtime of wonderful music!  This is what I consider to be great road trip music or an album you can leave on repeat.

Check out the first track, “Hope Machine”:

Songs for Singin’ is available May 1, 2020 from the Okee Dokee Brothers website, and other retailers such as Amazon.

Check out the Okee Dokee Brothers at https://www.okeedokee.org/