You can increase the average check and increase profits by using proven offline sales techniques and the analytical capabilities of a digital environment where all customer steps are known. I will share the main ways that successful stores use. If you apply these tips, you can increase the average check by one and a half times.

The principle of a phone case

Salons of mobile phones have long mastered the principle of anchor products. They offer a good price for a smartphone, and the case is sold at a huge surcharge. The same mechanics are used by supermarkets: they announce a campaign for chicken, and bread, milk, and other products that sell you with great profit for yourself. The buyer should be lured by a good price for one important product, and to earn – on the accompanying, will not follow them to competitors.

It is much easier to go online to another store. But, as practice shows, the method works on the Internet. For a small site without significant marketing support price – the main way to attract the attention of a new client. To ensure that the dumping did not hit the margins of the business, you need to adopt the principle of anchor product. Shopify bundle products is a great solution to achieve this goal.

For example, let’s say you have a site to sell Christmas gifts for children. You put a very attractive price on a few locomotive products, run advertising in search engines or social networks. You will sell a car or gyro scooter with a zero markup. But the customer will pay for delivery, packaging, postcard congratulations from Santa Claus, another toy, and for all these services you will already have a good markup. In the end, you’re on the plus side, the buyer is happy, the profit is growing.

“With this product they buy…”

Recommendations for further purchases are on many online sites. As my experience shows, people really need it, but not all sites do it right. Some platforms simply upload statistics on the collected baskets and automatically generate pairs from that data. This selection rarely hits the spot.

The recommendation system should be approached responsibly. It is better to set it up manually: to fix a group of products to each product that will be recommended to the buyer. For example, for alpine skiing – a lubricant for skiing in the temperature of your region. Having collected the optimal selections, it is worth checking their effectiveness using the A/B testing method.

If there are not enough resources for manual tuning, it is better not to do it at all. Even a reminder of previously viewed products is more effective than a random set of products in the recommendation service.

Targeting the rich and bait for the doubters…

The owner of an ordinary store should focus on a certain audience, because grandmother, teenager, and millionaire rarely buy clothes in one place. There are no such boundaries online. Nothing prevents you from making a section with democratic brands, and next to more expensive brands.