Earth Day holds a special place in my heart, as I was inspired as a child to follow a path to make the earth a better place. I continued on to pursue Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies.  I always strive to be eco-friendly and to spread the word and educate others.

This is a fun day to celebrate, from doing activities to learning more about how we can be more eco-friendly in our day to day activities.

There are lots of great books you can share with kids of all ages on Earth Day.  There are so many books out there you can utilize, from general Earth Day books to anything that has to do with being environmentally friendly.

You can search for specific topics that would be good to read about.  This could be learning about famous environmentalists (e.g. Rachel Carson) to composting or solar energy.

Nature Crafts for Kids: Painting with Natural Materials

For example, eco-friendly crafts and supplies.

Since Earth Day is in April, we usually do some planting and learning about how plants grow.  To start, there are lots of great books that are a good way to start learning about how to grow things.

I am also a big fan of kits that make it easy to plant.

Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to educate kids about the planet and the world around them, and to appreciate and understand how the Earth works.