Award-winning musician Danny Weinkauf is out with his 5th children’s album this April 2020, “Dinosaurs and Metaphors”.  You might recognize his name as the longtime bassist for They Might Be Giants, as well as other work including writing and producing for Disney, National Geographic, and numerous other brands, networks, and shows.  Weinkauf has been creating original songs for kids for over a decade, from children’s albums to television shows like Sesame Street.

Dinosaurs and Metaphors is full of fun, upbeat music that is sure to entertain and brighten your mood.  The songs range from silly topics like “Dinosaurs on Roller Skates” to your everyday topics like “Don’t Want a Haircut”.

With lots of high-energy tracks and fun lyrics, this is a great album for kids, from singing along to dancing out their energy.  I love the variety on the album, which includes a variety of vocals and sounds.  Danny is joined by several guest vocalists, including wife Michelle and even his son Kai.  I also enjoyed the different instruments used, which include guitars, bass, ukulele, piano, drums, and percussion.

Track list:

  1. Dinosaurs on Roller Skates 2:49
  2. Your Love Is a Metaphor 2:34
  3. Hiccups All Day 1:57
  4. Perfect Day 2:45
  5. Lovely Lazy Saturday Morn’ 2:30
  6. Boy with a Hole in His Heart 1:50
  7. Hooray It’s Monday!  1:33
  8. Hairy Little Bug (Dancing on My Toilet) 1:06
  9. A Song That Makes Us Happy 2:39
  10. Don’t Want a Haircut   2:08
  11. My Nose Knows 2:05
  12. Halloween (The Night That I Love) 3:12
  13. Homer, Danny, and Alf 1:28
  14. Cut the Cheese 1:46
  15. Superstar 2:51

Check out “A Song That Makes Us Happy”:

This album is available April 10, 2020, from various retailers.

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