Our world today is full of “instant” things. From food, drinks, and appliances. It seems like magic that in a few swish and swash you will get what you want. Even in the world of beauty, there are a lot of instant treatments like Dysport in Singapore.

Dr. Israr Wong calls this type of cosmetic treatment as “instant party-ready facelift”. This is ideal for people who are too busy with their everyday lives and forget that they have a big event coming in a few days but need a cosmetic treatment without any downtime. 

This treatment is also preferred by actresses, news reporters and various professionals because aside from giving a natural look, it retains facial expression. This is why many women even those who are pregnant want to get a disport injection to improve their skin quality.

However, as tempting the procedure may be, the big question is if it safe for pregnant women and the baby inside her womb. Keep reading the article to know more about dysport in Singapore and if it is allowed for pregnant women.

What is Dysport? 

Dysport was originally invented by Dr. Lee Young Seob, a renowned plastic surgeon in the plastic surgery capital of the world, Seoul, South Korea. He noticed that a traditional intra-muscular Botox injection causes a stiff and expressionless face that is why he came up with a special method using dysport and the result was amazing. 

Dysport is a brand name of botulinum toxin A. Microdroplets of Dysport is injected into the superficial skin layer to lift the skin, reduce pore size and relax wrinkles. 

Dysport is a treatment that gives a natural look without affecting the facial expression. It increases collagen production and tightens skin. It is also known for its instant effect. In 5 minutes or so, you can see the result already!

Areas that Dysport Dermalift can improve

    • Wrinkles around eyes
    • Forehead wrinkles
    • Frown lines
    • Brow lift
    • Neck wrinkles
    • Skin laxity
    • Lifted midface


  • Facial contouring


Who is a good candidate for Dysport? 

A good candidate for Dysport is someone who is in their early 20s to late 30s with mild to moderate skin wrinkling and sagging and with relatively good muscle tone. Individuals with muscle disorders, severe signs of aging and severe skin laxity are not suitable for this treatment.   

Is Dysport safe for pregnant women?

This is one of the most common questions of women who had this treatment then got pregnant. Presently, there are no scientific studies that show that Dysport is harmful to the baby. However, most doctors advise not to take this treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding as a precaution. 

If you accidentally get the Dysport treatment not knowing that you are pregnant, do not freak out. There are several cases such as these where Dysport did not cause any harm to the baby. Still, it is better to be safe and avoid any cosmetic injections if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant anytime soon. It is also important that cosmetic clinics should screen their patient’s overall health properly before each injection to avoid any complications in the future.

How is it done?

    • Aesthetic physicians and dermatologists are the most qualified to do this procedure. The treatment can be done in-clinic and you can immediately leave after the procedure because it does not have a downtime. 
    • First, your face will be cleaned and a topical anesthetic will be applied to manage discomfort. You will feel a little pressure from the injections but the rest of the procedure will not be painful.
    • During the procedure, Dysport will be injected into the target areas. It will only take a few minutes unless side effects occur. 


  • Aftercare instructions will be given to you as well as when to come back for repeating the procedure to maintain results.


Side Effects

With Dysport injections, temporary side effects are possible and cannot be avoided. The most common are swelling, pain on the injection site and headache. Severe side effects include muscle weakness, nausea, and eye drooping. Swallowing difficulties and muscle spasms can sometimes happen. Breathing difficulties can be possible too. These side effects are not cause for alarm and resolve on their own after a few hours post-injection. If the side effects persist for days, call your doctor immediately. 

Convenience and Efficacy

Getting Dysport is very convenient because it does not require recovery time. You can go back to your regular activities after the treatment except for heavy physical activities for a couple of hours. The efficacy rate of Dysport is 80% and it most effective in treating wrinkles. 


The cost of dysport in Singapore is around $750-$1250. It is much cheaper compared to other facial surgeries. So, if you want to get a tighter and young-looking skin but you have a tight budget and schedule, then Dysport is the answer to your problem. 


Dysport is ideal for individuals who are busy but still want a tighter, slimmer and natural-looking V-shaped face instantly. It is the most convenient facial injection treatment because there is usually no downtime. 

However, it is not worth the risk to have this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Though it does not have any reported complications during pregnancy, better avoid it to be safe. Pregnancy is a delicate process and you must always be careful with what you do to your body not just for your health but also for your child’s health. A little sacrifice for the baby in your belly won’t hurt. 

Lastly, choose the doctor that specializes in Dysport injections. Other cosmetic doctors do not perform Dysport and it can be a waste of time and money if you set up an appointment with them. If you have further questions about dysport in Singapore, you can reach out with Dr. Israr Wong. He conducts Dysport training and specializes in this treatment.


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