This is a cute project you can do with your Easter Peeps.  You can get creative with how you dip and decorate your Peeps, too!

And since Peeps are peanut safe, this is safe for my daughter who has a peanut allergy (we use nut-free chocolate and sprinkles).

All you need for this is:

~ Peeps of any kind

~ Sprinkles

~ chocolate chips or other chocolate

Start by melting chocolate in a bowl.  We use regular milk chocolate chips, and microwave on short intervals.  Mix frequently until the chocolate is thoroughly melted.  If your project goes slowly, the chocolate may start to harden, and all you have to do is microwave again.

I set out bowls of sprinkles, but if you have different types of decorative sprinkles, you could even add them on individually.

Select your Peeps, and begin dipping.  Dip them in your chocolate, and follow with sprinkles.

There are lots of ways to get creative with your Peeps, from how you dip them to how you decorate them.