Aging can affect a person’s health, interests, and priorities. Fortunately, as you approach retirement you can utilize a wide range of products and services that cater to your needs.

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Medical Services

Hearing loss affects 50% of all adults over the age of 85 and they are also prone to balance issues. Older adults are at risk of suffering from preventable hearing loss, as well as age-related hearing loss. A clinical audiologist may be able to help you prevent or minimize the loss of your hearing. They also prescribe hearing aids and treat inner ear problems that can affect your balance. How much do hearing aids help? Ask an audiologist to learn more about the benefits of hearing aids.

Presbyopia affects a high percentage of elderly adults. Your eyes’ lenses can lose elasticity as you age. When this happens, you will have difficulty clearly seeing objects that are close to you. Regular checkups with an optometrist can ensure optimal eye health as you age. Your optometrist may prescribe glasses to help compensate. You may also want to consider surgery or lens implants if you suffer from presbyopia.

A physical therapist is equipped to help you retain maximum mobility and range of motion. As you age you are more likely to experience bone density loss, as well as a loss of muscle. Arthritis is also common among older adults. Physical therapists are qualified to design treatment programs to minimize these health issues and help you retain muscle strength.

Travel and Residential Services

American adults between the ages of 55 and 64 own more recreational vehicles than any other age group. With an RV it is possible to travel freely. It is also possible to park an RV at a seasonal campground site and use it as a winter or summer home. When you buy your RV you can obtain a recreational vehicle warranty that will cover RV repairs. This will ensure your investment operates properly for years to come without unexpected expenses.  Keep in mind that you should do your research so you know which travel trailers to avoid, so that you can invest wisely in one that is best for you.

Senior tours are travel packages designed specifically for people who are 50 years of age or older. There are dozens of tour companies that offer itineraries specifically for this age group. They feature a wide range of destinations and activity levels. This enables older travelers to pick a package that is ideal for their interests and needs.

Older adults typically experience muscle loss, which increases the risk of falls. Falls are a serious health concern because your bones also weaken as you age. You may opt to hire contractors who specialize in age-related home modifications. They can add a ramp and widen doors if you need to use a wheelchair, install grab rails in bathrooms and replace bathtubs with walk-in showers. These modifications will help you navigate your home safely as you age.

Lifestyle Aids

Vision and mobility issues can impair your ability to drive and perform other routine tasks as you age. A personal care aide is a professional who can help clean your home, cook meals and transport you. They can take you to visit friends or drive you to medical appointments. If you are unable to travel easily on your own they can help to ensure you stay socially active as you age.

E-readers are electronic devices that enable people to read from a thin tablet. E-readers are lighter than books and easier to hold. Text can be enlarged so that people with vision problems can still read comfortably. Audiobooks are also available. These storytelling formats will enable you to enjoy books for years to come.

A shower chair is designed to allow you to sit while showering. This can help you safely bathe without fear of falling. Another chair-related product is a swivel seat that attaches to a regular chair but can turn 360 degrees. Swivel seats will enable you to turn fully to the safest direction to stand up from. This will prevent you from twisting your body and reduce the risk of falls.