After a lifetime of waiting for your special day, your wedding is almost upon you! Now comes the enjoyable, yet tedious part of planning your dream wedding.

There are several things you need to select, and so little time to select them. Things such as choosing your wedding venue will be incredibly important.

Maybe you’re interested in hosting the ceremony there and then the reception somewhere else. Perhaps you want to hold both in the same location. If you’re looking for a perfect wedding venue, checkout They offer a wide selection of venues, from grand ballrooms to intimate outdoor venues, all of which provide an exquisite backdrop for your special day.

Regardless of what you decide, here are several wedding tips on how to select the right venue for your wedding. Consider all of them carefully!

  1. Set Your Budget

As previously mentioned, you’ve waited a long time for this day to come. As such, you probably have standards for the type of location you want to host your wedding.

However, in your fantasy daydreams about your wedding, you probably weren’t factoring in the all too real budget that you have.

Whether your parents will be helping foot the bill or not, you want to use every penny that you have wisely. Don’t choose anything that’s outside of your price range.

Start this entire process by creating a budget for your wedding. List out everything that you’re wanting to incorporate, then place real dollars next to each.

This will help you keep things prioritized and select them in order of importance. If you come in under budget for one item, then it means you have more to spend on the next one on your list.

  1. Consider Your Timeline

How long of engagement do you and your fiance want? How quickly do you want to be married? Are there certain factors for your situation that would speed that process up a bit (such as military service or family matters)?

If you have a particular venue in mind or at least one that’s on the tip-top of your venue wishlist, then you’ll have to cater to the open dates they have available.

However, if you’re open-minded about the venues, then you can consider when you might want to set the venue.

Keep in mind that most wedding venues are booked a year (or longer) prior to the date they’ll be used. If you need one quicker than that, then your search might take longer.

  1. Consider the Weather

Many people love the idea of getting married outside, but not many consider the biggest damper on any wedding day: poor weather.

While it’s true that rain on a wedding day is good luck, it’s also a cause for panic on the biggest day of your life.

You won’t want that stress on top of everything else you have to worry about that day.

Also, even if it doesn’t rain, there are other weather conditions to consider. What if it’s below 40-degrees farenheit and you’re at the altar in a sleeveless wedding dress? What if it’s too hot in the summer that the groom and his groomsmen are sweating viciously?

Be sure to consider all of your options. Outdoor venues always make for a beautiful ceremony. Just make sure you have a backup plan.

  1. Remember to Factor in Parking

Have you ever been invited to a large wedding at a venue with only 30 open parking spaces? It’s not enjoyable.

You should always consider parking and/or transportation when it comes to the wedding venue that you select.

You might not think it, but some people will become frustrated enough that they ditch the ceremony entirely.

If you’re looking downtown for your venue, then try to consider venues next to parking garages or in the vicinity of a train station stop.

  1. Ask for the Venue’s Restrictions

Some venues that you’re looking at will have certain restrictions for the weddings that they host. 

Not knowing those ahead of time can lead to an awkward ceremony that planned for a candle lighting, but can’t because of the venue’s rule against it.

Be sure to talk with the venue representative about the different things you’re looking to incorporate in your ceremony and if any venue restrictions go against your plans.

If so, you can either decide to move on to another venue or make different arrangements for your ceremony.

  1. Tour Each Venue

Don’t ever book a venue without having toured it first. That can lead to many different levels of frustration down the line.

What if the venue isn’t as nice or high-quality as the filtered pictures that they placed on their website? What if the room/area you thought you were booking was already reserved and they place you somewhere else?

You want to tour the exact area that the venue has available on your desired wedding day. That said, have payment ready to place a deposit right after you tour it.

  1. Maximize Your List

It might be tempting for you to get fixated on one particular venue, but try to hold onto as many options as possible.

You never know if your top choice will fall through the floor or not, so always keep 4 to 5 venues on your list.

Tour them all. Talk with your fiance about the different likes and dislikes you had with each, then stay in touch with all of them.

Consider All These Wedding Tips to Find Your Future Venue!

Now that you’ve seen all the different wedding tips for finding your perfect venue, it’s time to start your search.

Be sure and take notes along the way. Keep contact information of everyone that you speak with and have questions ready to ask each venue’s representative.

Make sure to browse our website for more wedding tips, as well as other helpful topics.