How many times have you told your child to clean his room? To help solve this problem, here are some tips that can be key to helping children achieve greater organization.

On many occasions it happens that when you ask your child to tidy the room, you discover that he has done almost nothing. To solve this problem that affects many parents, it is necessary to teach children how to go about their chores.

Children’s rooms are often small, often shared, and generally lack built-in storage space. However, these rooms often house out-of-season clothing and even leftover toys.

Another thing to keep in mind is that children can’t stay organized when the closet is crowded, drawers are full, and toys cover the entire surface of the rug.

The solution is to order, store and simplify.

10 tips to teach children to tidy their room

  1. Have a place for each item

A place for everything and everything in its place is an adage that rings true in young children’s rooms. With a place for everything, they will be more willing to put the objects back in their place and will increase their enjoyment next time, when they have to find one of their precious toys. You can organize a play area to with the help of best baby play fences where you can keep all their toys there. 

  1. Provide a lot of storage space

To offer more storage space, we recommend installing built-in cabinets, drawers, storage units, hooks or baskets. They should all be at a height and position that are easy for children to access.

Also, you can label the shelves and bins to help the child to know where some objects are. If the little one still can’t read, you can include photos and symbols.

  1. Get a routine in order

Establishing a routine cleaning policy can work for your children and for the whole family with small changes. Ideas may include making a bed every morning, hanging up backpacks when you return from daycare, or picking up toys before taking out others.

  1. Use the shelves

Shelves are not only great for storing books, but also for displaying some of your toys and artwork the little one has designed.

  1. Provide assistance when you need it

Depending on the age of the child, you will have to help the little one to start the cleaning. For younger children, you can take advantage to play games or stories that promote cleanliness, while teaching them values ​​such as independence and responsibility for their things.

  1. Do not use bribes or rewards

To help foster a child’s independence and manage order in his room, you shouldn’t resort to bribes or rewards. It certainly works best if they are guided and encouraged during the process.

  1. Show the child where to store the clothes

Start with a pile of clothes and put the clothes where they belong. If children don’t know how to hang clothes, this is a good time to teach them. When one stack is finished, you can advance to the next until the room is tidy.

  1. Use containers

Toy boxes and open shelves are not a place to store children’s possessions. To organize toys, the best solution is to store them in containers.

Certainly, you can use plastic containers for smaller toys, larger containers with lids for blocks, trucks and cars, or for stuffed animals.

The advantage of containers is that they help parents control the number of toys in use at the same time, as soon as they want to play with a new toy, they are required to deposit the old toy in its relevant container.

  1. Organize from the bottom up

As befits a child’s height, we advise you to start organizing from the bottom of the room and move to the top. Also, most used toys and belongings should be placed on the bottom shelves, in the bottom drawers, or on the floor. The highest levels are designated for the least frequently used possessions.

  1. Get involved in the process

The last tip that we recommend to teach children to tidy the room is to get involved in the process. In association with your child, you have more possibilities to design an organization scheme that makes sense for the little one; If they are involved in the effort, they can better understand the logic of the organization and keep their room in good repair.

Finally, try these simple strategies for teaching children how to tidy the room; They will allow you to calm the mess and put a little sanity in the children’s rooms. Remember that proper organization is something that children will carry with them throughout their lives.