Note: I received product samples in exchange for my honest review. 

This year, I have done a lot to get more organized.  We have gotten rid of so much clutter, and I am always looking for ways to be more organized and more efficient.

With our busy schedule, it is nice to have things properly labeled so that we can keep track of things.  Whether your kids are very young, or older, labeling things is a great way to get organized, and stay organized!

StickerKid has so many options when it comes to labeling.  Plenty of sizes, colors, and images, plus other labeling options such as tags.

These labels have so many great features, and I love their durability.  I ordered my labels and they arrived quickly, which was nice to get started with organizing our stuff.  I don’t have a lot of time for hand washing, so things like products being dishwasher safe are a must.

This year, my goal is to be more organized.  And this starts with me, getting my things in order.  I got some small StickerKid labels with my name, plus a cute image to go with it.  I work in a greenhouse, so I thought a cute flower was the perfect addition to my name label!

I often hear at work, “Whose water bottle is this?”, so I figured I am going to be labeling all my stuff to make life easier for everyone.

As a parent, I’m sure others can relate to me on this… our kids use and take our stuff.  How many times do your chargers disappear or the kids borrow them?  This is where I find myself labeling my things at home as well.  Should a charger end up borrowed, and then taken to a friend’s house, I can hope that eventually it may find its way back to me.

The kids have gotten much better over the years about not losing things, but it still helps to make sure things are labeled.

My older daughter is really into music.  I got her some cute music-themed labels, which are great for her music folders, music stand, rosin, endpin stopper, and anything else music-related.

We also got some metal tags, so that she can have them affixed to various items, including her cello case and her music tote bag.  This is great because at performances, the kids set up in a backstage room where stuff is strewn everywhere.  After performances, it is chaos to get everything packed up.

(full name has been altered using Photoshop)

Since both kids are going to be in middle school next year, pre-made labels make life a lot easier when it comes to labeling things, from their required calculator to numerous folders, and much more.

When it comes to sports, we have stuff everywhere.  Swim gear, lacrosse gear, field hockey gear, etc. Which means water bottles, apparel, equipment, protective gear, and more.  All this stuff adds up quickly, and it is a disaster when stuff goes missing.  We are going to keep on top of labeling to keep better track of things.  Plus, my daughter has a peanut allergy, so it is important that she is careful with anything food-related.  I can have some peace of mind knowing even things like her water bottle are carefully labeled to prevent any mix-ups.

(full name has been altered using Photoshop)

I also got lots of plain name stickers that can be used on all kinds of things.  Since both kids are in middle school next year, the stickers will come in handy in the summer, when we shop for all our school supplies.  Those labels will go on everything from folders to other supplies (calculator, headphones, even dry erase markers).

I highly recommend StickerKid for all your labeling needs!

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