Are you looking at having your floors replaced in your home? You may be in for a big project that requires big money.

A flooring job can cost anywhere from $6 per square foot all the way up to $18 per square foot. Installing quality flooring isn’t cheap, but there are ways to you can save on floor contracting costs.

You have to understand what goes into floor contracting costs. Read on to find out how you can come out ahead of your budget and still have quality flooring installation that lasts.      

1. The Flooring Material

The main issue at hand is the quality and type of materials that you plan to use on your floors. Some materials like vinyl or laminate floors will be much less than marble or hardwoods.

To make it more complicated, each category of flooring has multiple different types. They all vary in durability and costs. For example, in the hardwood category, you’ll find bamboo, cherry, and oak.

You don’t want to get the cheapest material because it’s cheap, you want it because it serves a purpose. You may be replacing a floor in a kid’s playroom. You want something durable, but you won’t be stressed out when kids are marking up the floors.

If you need a high-quality and elegant looking floor, you could shop around and buy the materials yourself. The danger to that is that you have to get your measurements and cuts just right. 

You can go to Ambient to check out a variety of building products and see what kind of products you want to use in your project.

2. The Size of the Job

Another factor in the cost of flooring is the size of the job. Are you going to replace all of the floors in a downstairs area or just one room?

The more square footage that is required, the higher the flooring contracting costs. One possible way around that is to do one room at a time. However, this won’t work if the rooms are open-concept and flow seamlessly together. Then it’s best to have the floors done at the same time.

3. The Contractor You Use

The contractor that you use to replace the floors will impact the cost of the project. Yes, you can DIY the job. Just because you can do something like replacing your floors doesn’t mean that you should.

You don’t have the expertise and knowledge that the job needs. Your best bet is to choose the right contractor.

You want to find someone that specializes in installing the type of materials you want to have, such as a travertine contractor.

Cut Back on Floor Contracting Costs

Flooring can make a big difference in your home, but it’s hard to commit to the costs of the project. One way around that is to find ways to cut some of the floor contracting costs without sacrificing quality.

You can make sure that you pick the right materials at the right price, limit the size of the install and choose the right contractor. You’ll finish with flooring that you can afford.

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