While hiring a chimney sweep might seem like an outdated concept, it is important to remember that the chimney is still a part of your home that needs cleaning, especially if you use it often. In fact, it is recommended that chimneys be inspected yearly to determine whether a chimney servicing is needed. Many times, homeowners will not even remember the last time the house’s chimney was cleaned, if it ever was. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when maintaining your chimney.

Hire Outside Help

Cleaning a chimney on your own is difficult. For most, the best option will be to hire a professional chimney sweep Washington DC. The work is dirty and unenjoyable, and a professional could be far more efficient. It also saves you from taking the time to find all the tools and materials you will need to do the job as well as the unwanted task of cleaning up afterwards.

Have the Correct Tools

When you hire a chimney sweep, there are a few specific tools that this professional will likely use to get the job done correctly. These will include a chimney brush and a chimney brush rod. Chimney brushes come in a variety of sizes, and your sweep will generally measure the diameter of your chimney before choosing which brush to use. Other tools may be necessary for visibility, such as a flashlight and a mirror. If trying to do it yourself, it may be challenging to find the right brush and understand how to use it.

Find the Preferred Method

There are four common methods for cleaning chimneys; there are two rod methods, a weight-method, and a dual-line method. They each require different setups and materials, and you should discuss them with the professional you hire to see which one works best for your situation.

Maintain Your Chimney

The frequency with which you have your chimney cleaned will vary based on how often you use it. However, most of the information available says that you should have your chimney cleaned once every year, even if it goes entirely unused. This is to ensure that the chimney is still functional and that no animals have made homes there.

Chimneys are easily forgettable to many and are rarely cleaned unless a raccoon or other animal takes up residence. Following these steps can help to ensure that your chimney stays in perfect working order and remains safe all year long.