Choosing gifts for someone’s baby shower may seem easy, but sometimes it can be hard to choose what to get for the new arrival.  It can take a long time to figure out what is the best thing for a new mom and her baby.  You probably want a good mix of things that are both necessary and some that are fun too, so what kind of gifts are best?

Baby Newborn Infant

Here are 5 gift ideas that will make choosing the gifts much easier. 

1. Baby Clothes & Hamper

Baby clothes are essential for every soon-to-be mom to have. Try not to get too many clothes that won’t fit a newborn, because they won’t have any use for them after the first few months.  The new parents will be exhausted, so buy a variety of sizes so that they don’t have to shop as baby grows out of their newborn size outfits.  Newborn hampers make great gifts, since they are both practical and fun.  These hampers have a variety of clothes, and the hamper too!  

2. Toys

Toys are very important for a baby and for their developmental needs.  Throughout their childhood, toys have many educational benefits. The Kaiby Baby Box comes with a variety of toys carefully hand-picked for different ages, and makes it easy to shop for gifts, whether it is for a baby shower or first birthday.  You may want to consider the other children in the household if this is not the first child, so that the other siblings have some toys to keep them occupied to make things easier for parents.

3. Diapers and Baby Wipes

This is a gift that will definitely be used and appreciated. It can get pretty stressful when you’re almost out of diapers, so having a bunch stocked will be very convenient for the new mom. Baby wipes are useful as well, because packs can run out very often with consistent use. 

4. Nursery Furniture & Essentials

Things like cribs are a necessity for babies to have in their nursery. That’s why if you opt to get one, you want to get a high quality crib so that the baby is sleeping safely. However, in a lot of cases, the parents already have a crib, so looking to find a mattress and other bedding are better choices. 

5. Baby Monitor

This is a great option to consider because a baby monitor really is an essential item for parents.  A lot of baby monitors have low-quality cameras and bad connections, so you will want to get a higher-end one if possible.  A good quality baby monitor offers peace of mind and is a wonderful safety device.