Regardless of the precautions some owners take, their dogs still get infested with fleas. That is especially true for canines that spend the majority of their time outdoors. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can eradicate fleas without causing harm to the dog. Below, you will discover a list of flea treatments that do not contain harmful toxins.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are tiny insects that jump but do not have wings. These insects are highly known for transmitting diseases and causing dogs, cats, and other mammals a lot of grief. It is believed that there are approximately 2,500 species of these insects. So, it is going to be extremely difficult if not totally impossible for your dog to avoid them. 

Over-The-Counter Flea Treatments

There are various over-the-counter flea products available on the market. These products range from preventive to eradication of fleas. With that said, there is a broad range of flea treatments that can be purchased at pet shops, retail stores, and pharmacies. Unfortunately, not all of these products are created equal. The ones that you should avoid at all costs are those that contain the ingredients, propoxur, and tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP). Studies have revealed that TCVP may cause neurological problems in children because their young bodies cannot properly metabolize the chemical. 

TCVP has been classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a “human carcinogen”. If though the TCVP-based flea treatment is for dogs, those coming into contact with the chemical are at risk of developing cancer at some point in their lives.

Pyrethrins-Based Flea Treatment

To avoid any potential dangers for your pets, it is best to stick with a pyrethrins-based flea treatment. Pyrethrins derive from the Chrysanthemum plant. Some manufacturers combine the pesticide with other non-harmful chemicals to treat flea infestations safely.

Use Safe Solutions

It is pertinent to rely on safe solutions. Some are going to harm the environment or hurt your dog. You’ll want to avoid these solutions since they could cause severe risks. If you want the best and safest results, you’ll want to consider sticking with natural solutions. They may take a bit longer but you can rest assured knowing they’re going to be safe. If you want to protect your dog and Mother Nature to the fullest, this is your best option. Either way, you should also make sure that you choose an effective solution.

Visit A Vet

If you’ve been unable to find success in getting rid of the fleas, you should think about hiring a professional. After all, your pooch deserves the best. With this in mind, you should find a respectable vet in your area. Make sure you check the vet’s history to ensure that they’re going to be able to solve the problem without creating other issues. Simultaneously, you’ll want to learn more about their prices. Once you’ve done that, you can guarantee that the vet will be able to remedy the problem rapidly. A vet will likely be able to get rid of the fleas quicker than alternatives. The only downside is that you’ll end up spending more to get professional assistance.