Cleaning is tough work. If you are already working on a nine to five basis and caring for the folks at home, scouring and vacuuming can be the last thing on your mind. So what do you do about the amount of dirt which has been piling up? The carpet needs a wash and lets not even talk about the grime in the bathrooms. If the mere thought of getting rid of all the muck puts you in a dilemma, you need to find a house cleaning service. 

However, when it comes to house cleaning services, “you need to make sure you pick the right people for the job,” says NW Maids founder Ilya Ornatov.

Not only should they clean your house but they should make sure that things are done on a timely basis. It doesn’t matter whether you call the cleaning service on an alternate basis or once a week, what’s actually important is that they show up on the assigned date and time. Hiring the right cleaning service is essential if you want peace of mind.

What you should consider before hiring a house cleaning service?

So how do you go about hiring a cleaning service? It’s easier when you keep the following things in mind:

Make a list of what kind of cleaning services you are looking for

Are you looking for just standard cleaning services? Are you on the lookout for a complete top to bottom spring cleaning? Do you want the cleaning people to help get rid of the dirt on the windows as well? Maybe your back yard needs to be cleaned as well? There are several reasons why anyone would require professional help when it comes to cleaning. Just make sure you know why you require those services and how a home cleaning service can address those issues. This would help make things easier. The cleaning company would be able to send the right people for the job that you have in mind. 

Don’t just go for the cheapest option

Shelling out your hard earned cash is not easy. So if you think that you are getting a deal for cheap services you might just be a little tempted to go for it. However, this is something which should be taken into consideration, just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are good too. Maybe they charge less because they do not have the right kind of experience. Perhaps their services are substandard. It could be any of those things. You need to find a cleaning agency which offers the best service so that you aren’t too worried about the security of your home. It is only possible when you hire a reliable cleaning service and they wouldn’t be offering cheap services.

Do ask them about the kind of cleaning products they use

People with allergies need to be careful. Plus if there are young children, elderly or pets at home its necessary to take their wellbeing into consideration as well. When hiring a cleaning service do ask them about the kind of cleaning products they use. Do they use ecofriendly and natural cleaning products? How do they dispose of the waste? Do they bring their own cleaning supplies or you would be required to provide those? These are questions which should definitely be asked and until you get a satisfactory answer you are not obliged to hire them.

Get to know about the rates that they charge

In order to make sure that you are hiring the right cleaning service get to know how much they charge for a service. Do they have an hourly rate? Try to confirm if you can afford their services before you make a hire. Not every company charges the same amount. Choose one which falls within your budget.

Do check out online reviews regarding their services

A company which has mostly good reviews but a few bad ones too shouldn’t be waved off. It’s because generally someone might have had a bad experience and this by no means is an indication of poor service. On the other hand a company with mostly bad reviews shouldn’t be your choice either. Click here to see a list of the services a cleaning service can offer.

Do check out for experience and accreditations

Get to know how long have they been in the cleaning business. Experienced agencies have a way of finding the right kind of cleaners. Do they have any accreditations to their name? These are necessary questions to ask if you want to feel reassured about a cleaning service. A company which is registered is reliable. 

Always be clear with the instructions

When the cleaning help arrives for the first time, you need to make sure that you issue clear instructions. If there are rooms which are off limits, make sure you mention that. If you want the blinds dusted every week, talk about that as well. There is of course a whole list of chores which you should jot down. This would help make things easier for you as well as the cleaning professionals. Being open about your expectations when it comes to cleaning your home could help avoid any disappointment in the long run. 

Try to develop some level of trust with your cleaner

When you hire people from the right cleaning agency you don’t have to worry a great deal about the safety of your home. However it’s advisable to build some level of trust with them. Whether you should be at home when the cleaner arrives is entirely up to you. It’s not something which is same for everyone. On the other hand roaming around after them and observing their every move can make things a bit uncomfortable for everyone involved. 

Ask about their terms of service

Get to know if they have a policy for dealing with cancelations or changing services. This can help avoid the issue of any surprise fee. While a company does charge a cancellation fee, it is only because rescheduling a service at the last moment can be difficult. 

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you hire the right house cleaning service.