We have been to Mexico several times, and it is a fun family vacation.  We love the Mayan Riviera and I highly recommended it as a family destination!  Here are some tips from our trips there over the years.

Plan things to do, but also not too much to do.

A vacation should be fun and action-packed, but make sure that you have down-time too.  You don’t want the kids to be overtired and exhausted, which can lead to meltdowns and other issues.  Remember that kids may not be as interested in things like historical trips, so find a good balance of activities.

Coba Ruins Mexico
Coba ruins, Mexico

Be aware of sun and heat.

Mexico is usually pretty hot and sunny, so you want to make sure that you are prepared.  It is likely more intense than where you are coming from, especially if you are traveling to escape the winter doldrums.  Be careful to avoid things like sunburns, overheating, and dehydration.  Keep in mind that a lot of places in Mexico require a reef-safe sunscreen (which is safer for your health, too).  Check out my post on that here.

Hacienda Tres Rios, Playa del Carmen

Pack the right clothes and swim gear.

Make sure you know what the temperature is going to be when you arrive in Mexico.  Prepare for everything from hot days to cool nights.  Bring more than one swimsuit, so that one can be dry when the other one is being worn.  Proper water shoes are a good idea, and bring your own googles or swim masks for the kids.  Having the right swimwear and gear is important to make sure that the kids can enjoy their time.

Mexico Water Shoes
Xcaret Park, Playa del Carmen (our favorite water shoes by Neosport)

Xcaret Snorkeling
Xcaret Park, Playa del Carmen

Bring medicines.

Be prepared with a variety of medicines. I always travel with things like Tylenol and stomach medicines.  You don’t want to be out of the country and have to scramble for things like pain relievers.  Whether you are traveling to Mexico, or somewhere else, I recommend a stomach relief product too, because having food you usually don’t eat (or overindulging) can cause stomach upset.

Xcaret Park, Playa del Carmen

Be safe.

Being at your resort or tour group is probably the safest place to be in Mexico.  But if you travel outside the resort, use your common sense. Keep your devices charged at all times so that you can communicate as needed. Check out services like Simify to make sure that you stay connected even while out of your home country. Sims direct gets your phone working no matter where you travel.

Hacienda Tres Rios

Enjoy the local culture

Mexico is an amazing place with so much rich history and beautiful places to see.  This is a great opportunity for kids to experience the language, foods, history, and so much more, especially if you venture off the hotel property.


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