We recently went to our first cat cafe this summer, after years of trying to find a cat cafe.  Since they are usually in big cities, we were able to find one during our trip to Seattle (check out our review of the Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe here!).  It was so fun to be able to actually check out the cafe, and also to support a great cause (since the cats were available for adoption).

Here are some tips for visiting a cat cafe!

1. Be respectful of the cats and follow the rules.

It is so important to respect the cats and their space.  There are probably rules at the cafe about what you bring in, food, etc., so be sure to follow those rules.

Cats spend a lot of their day sleeping!  Don’t expect that the cats will come to you. Don’t chase after them, and let them relax and get in their hours of sleep.

Sleeping Bag

2. Be prepared for a relaxing experience.

Cats are calm creatures.  We had a laugh imagining what it would be like if there were actually dog cafes!  When we went, it was nice to just relax amongst the cats and let them do their thing.

3. Remember you are supporting a good cause.

If the cats are ignoring you or the food is expensive, just remember that the cafe is a good cause.  The cafe we went to supported cat adoptions, as I would guess most do.

4. Plan ahead

Cat cafes can be busy, plus they usually limit the number of people in the cafe, so plan on calling ahead to make a reservation if needed.

Cat Tree