Being a new mom can be exhausting, and finding the right gift for a her can be challenging.  You want to make sure that you find something to make mom feel special, and that is for her to enjoy. Chances are, she has plenty of things for her new baby, so focus on mom!

Here are some tips for finding just the right gift for moms.

Offer to help

Having a new baby means lots of sleepless nights as mom is recovering from childbirth.  Not all gifts are material items!  Offer your help in any way you can, as it is a very meaningful gesture.

See what housework you can help with, like laundry, yard work (plant some flowers!), cooking, or even just holding the baby for a while.  All of these things can be a huge help when it comes to being a new mom.  Alternately, you could even pay for a month or two of maid service.

If this is a second baby, you can offer to help babysit their other child or even take the toddler out of the house for a while to give mom a break.

Aurate Rings Jewelry


A lot of new moms elect not to wear jewelry, but it is nice to have a nice accessories.  Between all those sleepless nights and days of dry shampoo, some pretty things are a good way make you feel special.  Light jewelry like dainty gold rings are a great way to go.  Stay away from bigger, bulkier pieces like large hoop earrings that baby might grab or pull on.

Spa and self-care items

Being a new mom can be rough, because it usually means losing a lot of your independence and not feeling like yourself.  Pamper mom with some comforts, whether she would like some bath bombs for a nice relaxing bath, or an iTunes gift card for music, or a good book.  You could also purchase a spa gift card for a manicure or massage.


Food or food gift cards

Having a new baby makes it tough to get much of anything done, and cooking with a baby on your hip is definitely a challenge, so treat mom to some food that she doesn’t have to cook.  Gift cards to restaurants or other eateries are a great way to go, or something like a coffee gift card.  Or take her out to lunch and help with the baby, so she can enjoy a meal out of the house.

You could also cook some meals to bring over as a gift.  Freezer meals are a great idea because then mom doesn’t have to worry about meal prep.