Party balloons are a must-have decoration for any celebratory event. They bring fun, color, and energy to any occasion. Not only this, but they are an excellent choice of decoration because they are cheap and thus it won’t cost you a lot of money to make your venue look fantastic. 

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t just buy the first selection of party balloons you set your eyes on. You need to give this a lot of careful consideration because the balloons you choose have a massive impact on the vibe and the feel of the venue. One of the most important decisions is the color of the party balloons you are going to buy. Make sure you always stick to a theme of two or three colors; anything more tends to be confusing. 

Use the following tips to help you decide on the best color balloons for your party…

Themed balloons

If you are hosting a themed party then choosing the right colored balloons shouldn’t be too difficult. For instance, orange and black balloons for Halloween parties, red and white balloons for circus themed parties, black and white balloons for pirate themed parties, red and green for a Christmas  get together, pink and silver for a princess party, and so on and so forth.

Use the color wheel

This is one of the best ways to come up with any color scheme; whether it is for interior decorating, an outfit or indeed party balloons. The color wheel is made up of twelve colors. You have the primary colors; blue, yellow and red. You have the secondary colors; green, purple and orange. The remaining six colors are the results of mixing these shades together. 

How do you use the color wheel to your advantage? Firstly, you can go for colors that are opposite each other on the wheel. These colors contrast and create a bold and striking balloon decoration. For instance, yellow and purple work really well together. 

Another method of using the color wheel is to go for colors that are next to each other. These shades will be the most similar and thus you create a subtle color scheme. An example of these would be warm hues, such as red and orange. 

Seasonal party balloons

Another easy yet effective method of picking colors for your party balloons is to go by the season. If you are hosting the party in spring then pick pretty pastel colors, such as pale pink, mint green, lilac and lemon. If you are hosting the party in summer then pick vibrant colors, such as yellow, red, bright orange or fuchsia. If you are hosting the party in winter then opt for warm colors, such as dark orange and red. And finally, if you are hosting an event during the winter then pick cooler colors such as blue, white and silver.

Use the emotional affect 

And finally, one of the best ways to use balloons at a party is to pick colors strategically via the type of emotional response they generate. This is how you can use balloons to affect the vibe and mood of your party in the right way. If you want to throw a relaxing and chilled out party then blue is a great color. If you are looking to generate enthusiasm and excitement then bright yellow and orange are ideal. Read up about the different meanings of various colors and use this to your advantage when you are picking party balloons. 

Information on photo balloons

Balloons have undergone a revolutionary makeover. The latest trend for party balloons is to include photos on the balloons, not just ages or words-fancy! You have probably seen photo balloons and thought that those people must have spent a lot of money or used big businesses. This is not the case! You too can have these balloons made exclusively for you and your own party with little cost and little effort required. Discover the myths surrounding photo balloons…

Myth 1: That photo balloons are expensive. They are not only the reserve of the rich and famous who can buy what they want for their parties. These types of balloons are costing less than you think as they are not particularly difficult to produce. Balloons can start from as low as $8. This obviously depends on the size of the balloon, the type and how large the photo is and whether it is a single side or double-sided balloon. 

Myth 2: Photo balloons are difficult to find. Although it is unlikely that any shops in your local town centre can produce them, there are hundreds of websites where you can order a photo balloon. All you need to do is choose the website that has the balloon design that you like and the best price. 

Myth 3: Photo balloons are difficult to design. Once you have found a company with a balloon design that you like, photo balloons are really easy to design and have made. All you have to do is simply upload your chosen photo to the website, click buy and the company will then print your photo onto your chosen balloon and it can then be delivered in as little as three days, just like magic! You will be surprised by the different types of balloons available today. If you are looking for gift ideas for baby showers, you can have a balloon filled with a small gift and lots of confetti, so the person pops it to get their gift! Impressive! Some people also send ballon invites, so the receiver pops the balloon and gets the invite and gift list.

Myth 4: You need an original photo. This is not necessarily true. You do not need to have the photo yourself to create original and unique photo balloons. You might not necessarily want a photo of yourself on the balloon but of a famous celebrity or an animal or place. In this case, you can just use a photo from Google images or elsewhere online. This is great because then you are not restricted as to what you can have printed on your balloon. The possibilities really are endless! However, I must remind you that you should ask acquire copyright permission before printing a photo that belongs to someone else such as from Facebook etc.

Photo balloons are wonderful additions to any celebration; they are quirky and fun and can be great ice breakers amongst guests. They also make great gifts as you can add a funny photo of the recipient making a funny face or if you are an arty type you could edit a photo and add a hat or a moustache to really raise some giggles! They are really very easy to find, are not expensive and can be a really creative and unique way to add some personality to a gift or party. So ignore the myths and upload those photos, make your balloons smile!