You’ve probably invested a lot of time and money into your home’s beautiful outdoor patio space. It’s a big hit during the spring and summer when you have people over to enjoy time together in the nice weather.

However, it can feel like a waste when the cold weather comes in and you don’t spend any time in your outdoor space at all. What a waste!

You don’t have to ignore these lovely outdoor spaces during the colder months! If you learn how to keep warm outside, you can easily enjoy your backyard regardless of the temperature. Start with these simple tips. 

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Strategically Place Plants and Curtains

It’s no surprise that porches and outdoor spaces that leave themselves open to the elements won’t be all too hospitable come the frigid days of the winter. However, setting up your outdoor space with some clever blocking can help to add a degree of comfort to the space. 

Think about where you place plants and curtains. If your patio space is not covered, it can be a great idea to install a pergola or some type of shade. This can help shield the space a bit from winter weather and will even help keep it cool later on in the summer. You can hang curtains from it as well to create a true outdoor shelter from the winds.

Potted shrubs also can do a good job of blocking out chilly winds that might threaten to pass through the space during your time outside. This is especially true if you are using big plants that can cut the wind flow down. 

If you really want to ensure maximum warmth, you might want to consider enclosing your porch area altogether. A fully enclosed space will give you the most flexibility in terms of your control during the winter months.

Full enclosure of your outdoor space is an expensive choice, of course, but it will add a wealth of value to your home and give you a whole new space to enjoy and work with. For this reason, it’s definitely worth considering if you have the budget. 

Add A Heat Source

While trying to limit the number of cold breezes that can pass through a space can be helpful, there’s really nothing like bringing a little heat to your outdoor area. If you can find a way to heat your patio up, it can become one of the most enjoyable outdoor spaces in your social circle.

Adding an outdoor fireplace or firepit can help lend an incredibly cozy vibe to the space. It can become a gathering spot for friends and family during these colder months. It can be fun to sit together, enjoy the warmth, and watch the fire crackle and spark around you.

Before adding a fire pit to your backyard, you’ll want to look at local laws in your area and ensure you are allowed to have one. Some places, like New York City, prohibit the use of personal fires.

In this case, it might be a better idea to bring in some sources of electronic heat. Using outdoor heaters that you can plug into an electrical outlet can help keep you warm while still enjoying the cool winter air.

These types of heaters come in many different shapes and sizes, so you should always be able to find something that will suit your space and your needs. There’s tabletop heaters, standing heaters, and even hanging heaters you can position above the seating area.

You can even invest in a heater that looks just like a fireplace if you want to keep the illusion of the open flame going. If you live in a place where outdoor fires are prohibited, this can be a crafty workaround to stay within the letter of the law.

Bring Out Blankets & Hot Drinks

If you really want to stay comfortable outside, you may need to bring in some extra support. It can be a good idea to invest in some blankets specifically suited for your outdoor space.

You can keep them in a basket outside or right near your patio door. This way, you can grab one and bundle up on your way outside. Big, fluffy blankets will keep you warm and also allow you to feel your most comfortable.

You can also invest in furniture for your outdoor space that is designed to be more warm and comfortable. Most outdoor spaces go with metal furniture that can stand up to rain but can be frigid to the touch. Cushions and fabric that are both soft and weather-resistant might be the best move to go with if you want to stay warm.

Blankets aren’t the only things you can add to help keep yourself and any guests feeling warm. It can also be helpful to bring out some warm drinks, like coffee or hot cocoa, to keep the spirits bright

Not only is sipping on these warm delights a pleasure, but the warmth of a warm mug in hand can help to keep the cruel winter chills away.

How To Keep Warm Outside in the Winter

If you’re bummed you can’t use your wonderful back patio during the winter, you need to learn how to keep warm outside. Employing the above tips and tricks will allow you to enjoy the benefits of this extra space year-round.

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