During the winter it’s a little more difficult to get your kids moving because it’s cold and wet outside. Spring is around the corner but there are still fun activities you can try indoors and also ways to inspire them to want to be more active. With a little encouragement, you won’t need to worry about telling them off for wanting extra screen time, as they’ll prefer to get up and play. Here are some simple tips to get your kids moving this time of year. 


There are many games for all ages you can play with hardly any props but with a little imagination instead. You could use household objects that won’t roll very far, such as potatoes and fruit as little balls and they can play indoor bowling or golf. You can also purchase a portable golf simulator for your kid who aspire to become a career player someday. Or you could set up a treasure hunt or an Easter egg hunt if you have a little time to prepare. This can keep them busy for a while, especially if there’s the promise of candy. Try any games that keep them moving, rather than sitting down. 


There are many indoor sports you can do. Try swimming at your local sports center or indoor soccer or basketball. It depends on whether your children prefer to play in a team or individually. Here are fifteen fun options for at home as well. There are lots of fun games to get kids moving. You could even do dance or yoga videos with them. They will enjoy following the steps to their favorite songs, like Frozen for example.


When kids don’t wanna move there are some simple tricks you can do to encourage them. Even something as simple as giving them a prop can help. If they’ve got something in their hand like a stick or a toy, or a potato, they will feel more stimulated. You could even get them some sporty accessories, or a new pair of disney socks. Even though they’re not particularly expensive or a big present they’ll be enough of a novelty to get them moving. 

Sensory Gyms

These are trending for younger kids and toddlers. See if there’s any set up at a leisure center near you. They are gyms for children set up with loads of objects to touch, move, smell, and hear which help to stimulate all the senses. They’re ideal for toddlers with disabilities or difficulty with recognizing sensory stimuli. 

Why it’s important to keep active

It’s fundamental to keep your children active throughout the year whatever the weather. It can help them stop gaining weight and keep them fit. Sport and exercise not only have physical benefits but are also proven to improve their mental health and behavior. More active children sleep better and have a healthier routine which generally makes them concentrate more at school. It can greatly improve their interaction with and treatment of other children as well. You will find the more active they are the happier and healthier they’ll be overall.