Protect Your Home & Health

When you use green cleaning products you are protecting your home and health from harsh chemicals. It is not good to be disposed to these chemicals for extended periods of time. If you have children or pets you should be even more cautious with what cleaning supplies you use in the house because they are more vulnerable to inhaling or ingesting the fumes since they are lower to the ground. Switch to green cleaning products and don’t sweat over your loved ones. We will discuss some of our top recommended products below. If you ever not sure about a product you can call your local green cleaning service such as this Dallas maid service to ask their opinion. Companies that care about green cleaning will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right products. 

Improve Indoors Air Quality 

If you have allergies or are sensitive to the smell of chemicals you need to switch to green cleaning products right away. Using traditional cleaning products can cause your indoor air quality to deteriorate due to its lingering effect. If you have breathing problems or asthma this is something particularly noteworthy. 

Support the Environment 

A true green cleaning product will be made safely with the customers’ health in mind. Traditionally ingredients include things such as plants and essential oils all of which are naturally derived. These ingredients are important because they are biodegradable and will not harm the environment. Traditional products include ingredients that do not break down easily and are harmful to the ecosystem when washed down the drain. 

Reusable Paper Towels – a great way to save the environment and make your cleaning more eco-friendly is to use reusable paper towels. While we call them paper towels, they aren’t actually paper. These are cloth towels, a little bit like tea towels only smaller. They are fantastic at wiping up spilled liquids or using them with your favorite eco-friendly household cleaner. 

These nifty cleaning cloths come in a couple of different designs so they are nice to look at rather than just being plain, boring white. You can use them, wash them, and then use them again over and over. 
This product will save you money as well which is an extra bonus. One roll of Earthly Co. Reusable Paper Towels is equivalent to 80 normal paper towel rolls.

Products We Recommend 

  • Bon Ami – this is an amazing non-toxic powder cleanser. Think of this as a replacement for Comet or Ajax powder, but it gets the job done without using harsh chemicals. It can be bought in some local stores as well as online. 
  • Thieves Household Cleaner – a non-toxic plant and essential oil based cleaner. This is an all-purpose cleaner and can be used on anything and everything in your home, and you won’t have to worry about it damaging anything. It works incredibly well on all types of floors, leaving a fresh smell and shiny finish.  
  • Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – is a specialized wood floor product that contains no harsh chemicals. It is on the expensive side of products, however it has amazing reviews and a huge following. 
  • Magic Erasers – are green cleaning certified. If you have never used a magic eraser you are missing out on the magic. These sponges will remove stains on walls, showers/bathtubs, shower pan, baseboards and everywhere you can imagine. No more wasting away half your day cleaning having to scrub and put in that elbow grease. Try out a magic eraser.  
  • Simple Green – is a versatile product similar to thieves household cleaner. It is an all-purpose cleaner which is great for using everywhere. One of the benefits of using cleaners like this is that you do not have to stock up on supplies that are used for only one area. Buy one product and save some cupboard space for other things.  

Use Household Products

Have a stain on your carpet? Look up ways to use rubbing alcohol to remove the stain. There are countless youtube tutorials on this subject. 

Use baking powder as a substitute to other powder cleansers whether you use harsh products such as Comet or non-toxic such as bon ami. Baking Powder can be used to help clean shower stains, inside the over and your glass cooktops. 

Need to clean your mirrors or windows? Try making a solution that includes water, white vinegar and dawn dish soap. This combination made just right will have your windows looking crystal clear. 

Save Money and Reuse 

Buy reusable microfiber cloths that are easily washed cleaned and available for use over many years. There should be no reason that you need to clean using paper towels. Microfiber actually cleans better and they last for many years. The savings of not purchasing paper towels adds up quickly! 

Quick Review

We have discussed the many benefits and different ways of being able to clean green. Do not be ashamed to be a supporter of the green movement. We all need to contribute to helping the environment in as many ways as possible. By switching to green cleaning you are not only helping save the environment, but you are also improving your health.