Depending on your style, jewelry may be more than an accent — it could be the main focus of your attire.

Either way, accessorizing is an important part of putting together a look. Whether you’re going to a professional event, a gala, or anything on the spectrum of formal, you should plan accordingly to look put together and gorgeous.

Keep reading to find out 7 tips on wearing formal jewelry to elevate your look. 

1. Wear Formal Jewelry That Makes Sense With Your Outfit

Before you plan your accessories, think about what you’re going to wear clothing-wise. 

Your neckline, sleeves, and hairstyle will affect what jewelry options make sense for the event.

For example, if your outfit has long sleeves, wearing a bunch of stacking bracelets might not make sense. The same thing goes for wearing stud earrings if your hair is down.

If you want your clothing to be eye-catching, opt for played down and simple jewelry. Alternatively, you can wear something simple and classic and boost the look by adding flashy jewelry.

In general, you should choose metals that complement your skin tone. For example, gold jewelry looks better on people with darker complexions, while silver fits lighter skin tones. 

Keep this in mind when shopping for jewelry for any event, not just formal ones.

2. Precious Gemstones Are a Safe Bet

Nothing says elegance like pearls and gems. 

Diamonds were formed in the first couple of billion years of Earth’s beginnings. As such, they are a timeless way to show your class and style.

When choosing gemstones for a formal event, think about size and color. Wearing huge, colorful gemstones for every accessory may come off as tacky.

Instead, think about choosing one category of jewelry to incorporate gemstones: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings. For your other pieces, choose something simple that matches the general style of your gem jewelry.

3. Create Your Own Combinations

Jewelry sets are great because it allows you to get multiple pieces in a style you like.

However, you should generally avoid wearing the whole set at once unless it’s something simple. It’s simply not in style right now to be matchy-matchy.

Mix and match your jewelry to fit your style. If you’re nervous about “doing it right”, stick to the same metals and styles.

For example, you can wear a silver locket necklace, silver hoop earrings, and a few silver bangles.

Another example is wearing gold statement earrings, a simple gold necklace, and a few gold rings. 

4. Create Layers

Layering jewelry is a trend that is sticking around.

This style of accessorizing refers to wearing multiples of the same category.

For bracelets, you’d want to wear multiple on one wrist. Each one should have its own texture and style so that together, they create a complex look. Even if you’re wearing a watch, you should accent it by adding a few nice bracelets around it. 

For necklaces, pair pieces of various lengths. For formal events, you should really only wear a maximum of 3 necklaces. 

For rings, you can either stack multiple rings on one finger or wear rings on several fingers. This style can be a little difficult to master, so be sure to scour Pinterest and media to nail this look.

Finally, you can layer with earrings. If you have multiple ear piercings, put studs furthest from your head and hoops or dangle earrings closest. 

5. Showing Off Conversation Starters

If you have any antique, handmade, unique, or vintage jewels, a formal event is a time to show them off.

Choose one category of jewelry to incorporate showy conversation starters. You can overwhelm your look by wearing flashy earrings, a necklace, rings, and bracelets. 

For example, if you choose to wear an antique gemstone necklace, complement it with simple, short earrings and a few bracelets. Otherwise, your pieces might be screaming for attention — and that’s a look you don’t want. 

Even if your jewelry doesn’t actually start a conversation, people will notice them and it will draw positive attention your way.

6. Fit In With the Trends

When in doubt, look towards seasonal trends to get an idea of what people are wearing.

For example, one spring trend that could amp up a strapless outfit is a statement collar. 

When doing your research on what’s “in”, be sure to narrow down your search to things that people are wearing to the type of formal event you’re attending.

You can always put your own twist on trends and combine them with pieces that are timeless, like pearls. 

7. Less Is More

We’ve mentioned this concept throughout the article but want to drive home the point: wearing more jewelry won’t make you look more classy.

In fact, it can do the opposite.

This doesn’t mean that you should go bare in terms of jewelry. Rather, it means that you should look to wear simple pieces and choose one piece to stand out. 

If you have pierced ears, wear earrings even if they are simple studs. Wear a necklace unless you have a high-neckline outfit and can get away without one.

8. Make The Outfit Match Your Jewelry

Are you struggling to match your one-of-a-kind statement necklace to an outfit? Why not reverse this and find an outfit to match your jewelry.

If you’ve got a stand-out brooch, a statement necklace, or vintage bracelet, why not pair it with women’s tees for a simple look that doesn’t take away from your precious jewels.

But if you’re a fan of simple neckwear like pearls or elegant silver chains, don’t be afraid to be bolder with patterns or floral looks.

If you want to wear some of your favorite jewelry but can’t find the right look, start with your treasured trinkets first.

Make Yourself Sparkle

Unless the event is focused on jewelry and fashion, don’t worry too much — you probably won’t be judged harshly for your choices.

Still, your choice of formal jewelry is an important part of how people recognize you and what attributes they associate with you. Follow these tips and make choices that represent yourself and that show you put effort into your look. 

Keep reading for more tips on boosting your fashion so that you can show the world how special you are.