The bonds that children make with pets often last throughout their lifetimes. Pets teach us a lot about relationships. Lessons about how to care, respect, responsibility, and deal with loss are all found in a person’s relationship with their pet. 

That said, we aren’t always in the position to care for a pet that requires a lot of attention. Dogs, for example, are difficult to care for if you’re on a tight schedule. 

We’re going to discuss some easy pets to care for in this article, giving you some ideas as to what kind of animals you might be able to manage with your children. 

Easy Pets For Busy Schedules

We’ll take a look at seven animals in this article. Hopefully, we can spark some inspiration that will leave you running to the pet store and picking up a new family friend. 

Let’s get started:

1. Rats

You may have a negative view of rats. Rats are critters that we don’t like to see in our homes uninvited, for obvious reasons. 

At the same time, rats are curious, intelligent, and compassionate creatures. They make great pets, and they’re wonderful with children. Another great thing about rats is that they don’t require constant attention. 

In fact, the amount of attention and love that a child could give a rat before and after school is perfect. You may want to get two, though, because they are social creatures and need companionship.

2. Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are an uncommon pet, but they’re pretty darn great as household friends. Because they’re not extremely common, you may want to do some research on things like sugar glider diet and what kind of cages they require. 

If you’re not familiar with sugar gliders, they’re like little squirrels that can glide through the air. 

3. Cats

Cats are particularly easy pets. You’ll be in even more luck if you can find a cat that’s already been potty trained. 

Many times, cats found in the animal shelter are already trained and very well behaved. Additionally, cats are pretty comfortable doing their own thing. So long as you provide food and water, your cat will likely mind its own business until you want to spend some time with it. 

4. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are cute rodents that are great at cuddling. They’re easy to care for and perfect for little children to spend time with and enjoy. 

Your main responsibility is to feed, water, and change the bedding every week or so. Those responsibilities remain the same from the time you bring your guinea pig home throughout its lifetime. 

5. Fish

Most fish are extremely easy to care for as well. So long as you’re feeding the fish regularly, they will be perfectly happy. 

Fish are a great first pet for very young children. There are very few responsibilities that you need to take care of and kids love to watch fish swimming in their tanks. 

6. Snails 

If you’re looking for an interesting, low maintenance pet, consider a snail

Snails are extremely simple animals as far as care goes, and you can get more as time goes on if you like them. Snails are also very cheap, so they’re a great starter pet.

7. Lizards

Finally, lizards are a great pet for a busy family. Similarly to rats and guinea pigs, lizards will spend most of their time in their cage. 

You can take them out whenever you like, but they’re content lounging around under their heat lamps. 

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