Jewelry pieces are precious and can have meaning with their sparkle and luster. Kids won’t always understand how to value jewelry pieces until they grow up, so you are going to have to find creative ways to store them and keep them safe with the following guide.

Jewelry Boxes

Perhaps you bought a precious diamond pendant from Lightbox Jewelry or your favorite jeweler. You may have a number of nice pieces at home, and the first thing you need to do is buy a jewelry box.

These boxes can organize your piece and keep them separated. Most jewelry boxes come with sections so that you can keep your pieces separated, which helps reduce the chances of causing damage to any of your pieces. A jewelry box makes the rest of the storage tips easier since everything is already safely organized. 

Locked Away

Jewelry is delicate, so keeping your kids away is important, but shiny things, especially things your kids aren’t supposed to touch, are going to be quite tempting. This is the reason you should consider locking away your jewelry box.

Some jewelry boxes come with a lock and key, but that may not be a good idea. Your kids can still get to the box, and in their attempts to open the box, they may drop the box and damage your pieces or disorganized them. If you can, get a lock for your dresser where you can keep your jewelry box.

Higher Ground

Sometimes, buying a dresser with a lock and key can seem like be a bit much to keep your kids away, but you can do something else. You can use the higher ground tactic to keep your kids away from your jewelry box. You can place your box on top of your closet if you have room or anywhere else where you know your kids won’t be able to reach. 

Make sure your kids don’t find out where the box is, or they might attempt to climb to reach it, and that could be dangerous. Also, whenever you have to bring your box down, make sure you use a ladder and don’t have to stretch to get it. You need to be able to see your box clearly every time you bring it down so that you don’t accidentally drop it.

Be Attentive

Okay, if you aren’t going to be storing your jewelry in a locked dresser, then you might have to get a little creative with the way you store your precious jewelry. This does make sense since you have curious kids at home, but it’s important that you still consider the safety of your jewelry wherever you choose to store your jewelry box. 

For one, you want to make sure you do not store your box under a heating vent or in an area that receives constant heat, and that could prematurely ruin your jewelry. If you are going to be placing it somewhere high, make sure the area is dark and cool. You should also avoid placing your jewelry box in an area that is a little too humid. This atmospheric condition can expose your pieces to too much moisture, and that could tarnish your jewelry. You do not want to damage your jewelry pieces in your efforts to protect them from your children. 

Be Cushioned

When you purchase your jewelry box or jewelry boxes, it’s important that each jewelry piece is properly cushioned, especially if its delicate like pearls. Some people actually separate some of their more delicate pieces like pearls or diamonds, and if you are willing to have more than one box, make sure you do so. 

The cushion or felt material around your jewelry pieces are there to protect the pieces themselves but also to keep your jewelry pieces safe. If your kids manage to find your box somehow and drop it, the cushion inside the box is going to help reduce the impact. 

Since you have kids, you also want to consider making sure you get insurance on all of your pieces or at least the pieces you find most valuable. Make sure you read the policy thoroughly before signing, but this step can help give you peace of mind even if you took all of the precautions mentioned here to keep your jewelry stored safely.