Planning a wedding is challenging and stressful. And, those are one-time events. Marriages are even more challenging and stressful. But, with premarital counseling, you and your future spouse can work through issues before they arise. 

After you’ve selected the perfect first-dance song and ordered engagement rings crafted with meticulous precision, you should do what you can to make sure the meaning behind the song and rings last forever. When two people come together, there are several decisions to be made and scenarios to discuss at premarital counseling. 

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  • Communication

People have different communication styles. At premarital counseling, professional counselors can help partners understand how best to communicate with their partners. They can learn about their own communication strengths and weaknesses so they know when they are struggling with each other. 

  • Spirituality

For many couples, spirituality can be a problem. If one partner practices one faith and the other practices something else, there will be challenges in the partnership. Through premarital counseling, couples can discuss their potential worries with spirituality, and they can learn how to talk to each other comfortably. Spirituality in marriage is so impactful that many premarital counselors are spiritual leaders. 

  • Responsibility

In a household, there are several responsibilities. From taking out the trash to paying bills, couples have decisions to make about responsibilities. These small issues can create big problems for couples who do not know how to divvy them up. People often joke about how putting caps on the toothpaste or lowering the toilet seat can break up a marriage. There is nothing funny about these little issues and many others, as couples have had major fights about small things like doing the dishes. Many couples also have arguments about who is going to work and bring home the paycheck. 

  • Parenting

Taking care of children is tough work. Many couples decide to have children, then they have to figure out who is going to care for the baby. Couples struggle to decide who will work, who will care for the baby, or if the baby will be taken care of by a family member or a professional caregiver. Premarital counseling will help couples figure out what they want to do and what they need to do. Couples expect that having children will keep them together, but couples often find that having children can create rifts. Sometimes the problems happen because one partner is waking up in the middle of the night, while the other gets to sleep. Premarital counseling can help prevent those problems from occurring. 

  • In-laws

Family issues can create problems for newly married couples. With premarital counseling, couples can talk about the role that they want their in-laws to take. Professional counselors know how to raise the issue without insulting anyone. Talking about in-laws is a sensitive subject for many couples and with counseling, the problem can be discussed in a safe environment. Premarital counseling can also help couples better understand how to talk to their parents about their relationship without hurting them.